Idaho’s on Fire

Idaho’s on Fire

By Darr Moon

There is no doubt that interests have long planned to control the federally managed lands of Idaho. Many have scoffed at the idea that World Government and its brainchild Agenda 21 could make its way all the way here. This conspiracy aimed to separate people from their traditional ways of life and herd them to urban centers is alive and well here in Idaho and is celebrating almost 50 years of progressive action right in front of our eyes.

The plan has incrementally and consistently attacked the foundations of American Exceptionalism. In the beginning, the Agendanistas confronted Americans with emotional campaigns to care for mother earth. The environmental movement was born of activism aimed to attack all means of economic production. Their comrades were heralded in using the mystical evangelic tunes of the day that played to a concerned audience. Save the earth at all cost.

The logging industry took one of the first hits with the spotted owl controversy. Now known to be a clever ruse. There were bigger birds to pluck so the plucking continued. New rules came forth to protect the lands. Congress passed the Federal Lands Policy Act in 1976. John Denver played “Rocky Mountain High” and they all swooned to the edgy nirvana induced stupidification that looked at man’s progress through green only lenses. The planet could be saved. Skies would become pollution free, rivers would run clean and our majestic forest would thrive as man’s evil conquest upon them end. Unlike most fairy tales, this one doesn’t end well.

The Agenda needed more power to claim their prize, the planet was still at risk. World domination over the means of production, the redistribution of wealth and the brainwashing of every living, breathing human was not yet accomplished. Such a great task but with fifty years of push such mountains would be moved. Progressives leaned forward, had hope and change and looked to make this world ecologically friendly and just again.

I think you might agree; their Marxist driven ideals have mostly succeeded. Our world, our nation and its wealth are simply not the same as it was since the green revolution launched some fifty years ago. Nothing that can be touched has been left unregulated. America is now so indebted to this cause that government no longer functions as Constitutionally mandated. The equity our forefathers sowed is gone. Trillions upon trillions of dollars have been spent with nothing to show but a loss of liberty and economic depression. The green agenda has come with debt that cannot possibly be paid, it has been planned that way all along. The darkness of their actions is so normalized now that few comprehend the implications. Just like frogs in warm water, we are about to be boiled.

Let us not stand by quietly while the beauty of liberty leaves the face of this nation. I implore you to look deeper, see through the smoke screen in front of us and take action to turn back the Progressive inspiration that awaits to declare final victory over your life, your liberty and that so old fashion idea to pursue your happiness.

As the nation’s forest burn and fidelity to Constitutional principles wain, I am inspired to engage you to this liberation cause. I trust you, as my neighbor, without factionalized barriers so cleverly erected, to reignite the brushfires of liberty in your heart. Fight back, take back the bounty of this land for beneficial use for all mankind and hold these Godless barbarians at bay.

Those self-evident conditions that bind us to their yoke must be broken. Rural communities have long been under siege. Logging towns no longer exist. Mines have shut down and those prospects that might produce prosperity are captured in webs of impossible regulatory escape. Ranches no longer range freely and are bound by unelected bureaucrats untethered by law and unaccountable to any voter. Multiple Use, the undeniable economic backbone of mineral and forest lands is obsolete. Today’s bourgeois class are the new stakeholders, the environmental collaborators who hold all power in determining the fate of publicly managed lands. They are part of the new avant-garde elitist who use pseudo-science to project their unscrupulous agendas. They exude ephemeral objectivity while conjuring notions of social justice to their comatose environmental mystics who sucks this stuff up like grape Kool-Aid.

Scenes from my neck of the woods are fading into the forgotten past. Remember the “Stanley Stomp”? Not there anymore. The town has been taken over by the Birkenstock. The once Central Idaho epicenter of fun is now a “Dark Sky’s” reserve, home to the uber-wealthy and socially conscious. No room for the little man, a whacko dream come true.

Challis, another rural town in the midst of change for the worse braces itself for continued economic malaise. The Thompson Creek Molybdenum mine which once supported 55% of Custer Counties tax base is threatened by shutdown due to federal regulation over silly inconsequential environmental issues. The Salmon-Challis Forest Plan has now been exposed as just a “Wilderness” implementation program gobbling up an additional 1.3 million acres earmarked for “lands of no use”. The feds and the enviros want Wild and Scenic River designations on hundreds of miles of rivers and streams in the Salmon-Challis Forest. The new plan provides a whopping 400 acres out of the 4.3-million-acre forest for firewood harvesting. That is the extent of Multiple Use in their minds and in their actions.

The median age in Challis is now above 50 years while the State average is about 35. This means kids can’t come back home because there are too few opportunities to support a family. Who in their right mind would start a business under such circumstance? Incarceration rates are up, depression is up; these two statistics have bolstered an increase in drug dependency. More people live below the poverty line than ever. Residents contend with smoke from unmitigated forest fire harming one of Challis’s few business holdouts, tourism. Summertime smoke has sent those with health issues out of town, refugees from their own homes. The spiral downhill has caused Custer County officials to call for a thrice-defeated $14-million-dollar jail. Just the solution we need! All this and more thanks to the unelected, unqualified, unforgiving and unconscious regulatory masters and their environmental crackpots who are intentionally driving rural America to ruin.

This story isn’t unique to Challis. Every rural town in Idaho and throughout the West who have historically depended on ranching, forest and mineral lands for their economic survival is in serious jeopardy. Please spread the word far and wide and join with me to fight back. Please send me your contact email if you can help. I have a plan, stay tuned…

In Liberty,
Darr Moon

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