Trevor Loudon’s ‘Security Risk Senators’ is Available Now!

Trevor Loudon’s ‘Security Risk Senators’ is Available Now!


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Yes, Some American Senators Have Deep Communist Ties.


By Trevor Loudon


Did you know that U.S. Senators need no background checks to do their jobs? This makes the most powerful legislators in the world ripe targets for hostile foreign intelligence services and domestic subversive organizations.


Security Risk Senators profiles thirty currently-serving U.S. Senators, exposing their ties to anti-American elements both foreign and domestic. You will never look at your political leaders the same way again.



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Get yourself and your friends up to speed on the true totalitarian nature of today’s Democratic Party.


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America is in the critical stages of an age-old battle. To win that war, we need to know our enemy.


My new books “Security Risk Senators” (Part 1 & 2) explain the Marxist takeover of the Democratic Party better than anything else out there.


Friends, you need to understand these people so you can spread the word and we can defeat the Marxist agenda.


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