Do the teachers unions have to die so the children can live?

Do the teachers unions have to die so the children can live?



Exclusive: Craige McMillan sees absurdity in fact people with real experience can’t instruct kids


By Craige McMillan


I will probably lose good friends over this, but it has to be said. Traditional unions, such as the Autoworkers or Longshoreman, perform a valuable service for their members. They negotiate wages, benefits and to some extent employment levels within private corporations. I have no problem with this.


Unions within government at various levels, and also the public schools, are another story. Unions are, especially when judged by their political contributions, almost exclusively Democratic. A non-unionized workforce would almost certainly more closely reflect the voting public at large. It would also reduce costs for taxpayers, who are now the vehicle politicians use to reward the unions that fund their political campaigns. Why do we permit these unions to create one-party control within schools and government? How does that benefit the public at large? Would wokism even have been possible within the educational system without a uniparty teacher workforce?


The problem with the teachers unions in particular is that they manage to exclude from the ranks of teachers highly qualified people who have worked in the private sector and prevent them from teaching in the schools! How does this benefit students, schools and new graduates?


Hint: It doesn’t. All that requiring an education degree or teaching certificate does is to exclude highly qualified people with extensive industrial experience from sharing their knowledge with the next generation. How does that benefit anyone … except “experienceless” teaching school graduates who have never worked in the field they are teaching?


Almost everyone has some experience teaching another person about the work world once they take a job in business or industry. Employees come and go, and the new ones need to be taught how to do the job the way a particular company does the job. All that the teaching degree requirement in schools does is to weed out qualified candidates with real world experience. These are the very folks who could help students learn the finer points of jobs they have held during their lives.


It seems to me that the primary function of education degrees and teachers unions is to reduce the pool of candidates by requiring unnecessary degrees that exclude highly competent people from teaching jobs. How does this serve public schools, hiring businesses and, above all, students?


It is, however, easy to see how education degrees and teaching certificates grow wokism and political correctness. There is only one view to present! I simply cannot see how teachers unions benefit students or and the families being taxed to pay for wokism-infected, unionized teachers.