Microsoft blocks access to, violates FREE SPEECH RIGHTS with its new MS Office system

Microsoft blocks access to, violates FREE SPEECH RIGHTS with its new MS Office system



By David Boleneus MBA, MS, Geologist,


Microsoft Operating System on my office laptop MS Office/365/Edge blocks access to Cathy McMorris Rogers’ invited speaker full text testimony at the following hearing of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, entitled:  EXPOSING THE ENVIRONMENTAL, HUMAN RIGHTS & NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS OF THE BIDEN ADMIN. RUSH TO GREEN POLICIES (my personal laptop using MS OS7 and Google Chrome does not block access)


Blocking of access by Microsoft to this important website and speaker full text for a U.S. House hearing is an egregious violation of free speech rights


Here is the hearing address (1.5 pages) but without speaker Dr. Ashley Nunes full text (11 pages) remarks:   Exposing the Environmental, Human Rights & National Security Risks of Biden’s Rush to Green Policies


Here is the speaker’ Dr. Ashley Nunes at TheBreakthrough.Org website with full text of remarks that MS Office365 does not allow: Testimony of BTI Director Ashley Nunes


Speaker organization’s website:


Speaker full text comments from hearing are attached.  I found Dr Nunes comments, full text and podcast interview highly informative


Speaker Dr. Ashley Nunes key points made about electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and their batteries compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs):


  1. Emissions from EVs for manufacture and operation exceeds emissions from ICEs if driven less than 70,000 miles
  2. U.S. cannot source materials to build EVs under Biden Administration 2030 goals for either medium or high-level adoption of electric vehicles because U.S. domestic materials supplies for these 6 key materials, including recycling, are insufficient (aluminum, cobalt, graphite, lithium, manganese, and nickel)


Dr. Ashley Nunes, a Harvard Law Economist, spoke for one hour at Power Hungry podcast with Robt Bryce at:  Matt Wald: Independent Writer and Consultant


 Dr. Nunes’ interview comments with Robt Bryce Power Hungry podcast:

  • ..Emissions to build an EV are 13.8 tonnes compared to build an ICE at 8 tonnes
  • ..EVs are used mainly as secondary, and not as primary vehicles in a household
  • ..EVs operating using electricity in the 15 US states that supply more than 50% of their electricity from coal generation will never see a benefit of EVs over ICEs.
  • ..EVs must remain in service more than 10 years to deliver an emissions benefit over ICEs
  • ..EVs average cost is $120,000 or $70,000 more than a comparable ICE
  • ..Tax credit for buying an EV is only valuable for upper income taxpayers and not median income taxpayers and taxpayers unable to itemize deductions.
  • ..Households that own EVs  show emissions benefits may not develop
  • ..A Tesla Model Y costs $65,000 which equals the annual median income for US taxpayers
  • ..The inflation-adjusted  price for EVs is rising much faster than for ICEs
  • ..Critical minerals are needed for manufacture of EV batteries with these supplies tainted by human rights abuses from overseas suppliers
  • ..General Motors and Ford EV sales show public dissatisfaction with EVs. GM discontinued sales of its Chevy BOLT EV to middle income buyers shows these buyers cannot afford or are dissatisfied and Ford is losing $34,000 on each EV it sells; Just adding cars to GM or Ford or corporate fleets does not decarbonize.
  • ..Government emissions data show EV sales are not reducing emissions, their main purpose.
  • ..Nunes says he cannot see a future pathway in EV sales in the US; he says odds are unlikely this will happen by 2032, the deadline to end sales of ICEs.
  • ..The more likely conversion is to the HEVs.
  • ..Says regarding solar and wind power conversions: Wind turbines need 35 acres to generate one (1) megawatt of electricity and solar needs 5 acres for one megawatt generated; solar panels need 35 times more land than needed to generate the same megawatt from a natural gas plant.

Written Testimony of Ashley Nunes

Director, Federal Policy, Climate and Energy

The Breakthrough Institute

Before the United States House of Representatives

Committee on Energy and Commerce

Subcommittee on Environment, Manufacturing, & Critical Materials