Why President Trump didn’t Endorse Brad Little for Governor

Why President Trump didn’t Endorse Brad Little for Governor


By Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer


The Biden administration continues to move illegals by bus, train and plane to cities throughout the U.S, inflation is raging, our major cities are saturated in a crime wave, and all they want to do is to warn us about Omicron.


Americans should be more worried about the virus that has infected our once conservative politicians with wielding unbridled power and instilling constant fear everywhere. No I’m not talking about Senile Joe Biden. I’m talking about our very own Governor Doolittle who sounds more like him every day.


This is the man who instituted a State of Emergency when we never were in one that is described in Idaho’s statutes. He indiscriminately forced the closing of businesses that he and his cronies decided were non-essential. He allowed our major medical facilities to institute mandates by coercing their employees under threat of job loss to get vaccinated with an experimental vaccine. Do I need to go on? We have warned the people of Idaho for 3 years about Doolittle but it appears most of you never got the message as when I look at the current polls he is in the lead for the upcoming primary. Little won the last primary election by 7 points with the help of the IACI cabal and the elitist corporate moguls who are the real decision makers of this state.


Just take a look at this State Government site which will give you the details of who has contributed to Little’s campaign.



Just look at this list of the elitists, corporate entities including political PACS like IACI’s Prosperity Fund who have hijacked our state into a quagmire of corruption for the past two decades. We have made it easy for you to see for yourself the cronies who pay homage to Little and his den of thieves through campaign contributions. These are the ones fleecing our state while giving the working people of Idaho a mere pittance in tax rebates of $75.00. You can see for yourselves the contributions received by Littles Campaign from the Billionaire Thomas Tull to Big Pharma companies like Pfizer.


Many of you will say you have to expect those types of donations. Well take a look at a $10,000 donation from the Juul Corporation which manufacturer’s e-cigarettes that has agreed to pay $40m to the state of North Carolina to settle a lawsuit that accused the e-cigarette maker of marketing its products to minors. Than see that our Governor is recommending 100% of Millennium Funds be removed from the public health districts, which are used for education of the cessation and dangers of the use of tobacco products. Idaho was graded by the American Lung Association with three F’s and two C’s in the use of tobacco and like products https://www.lung.org/research/sotc/state-grades/idaho but we guess the Governor doesn’t care much about addiction to these products by our children. This is just one example of how large campaign donors get favored treatment but if you keep digging you will find many more items just like this.


We want you to think about what Governor Doolittle has actually done for Idaho in the past 3 years in office. We took a look at Education and found this website “Wallethub” https://wallethub.com/edu/e/states-with-the-best-schools/5335


To our surprise, Idaho is ranked 36th in the country just a bit ahead of Oregon, Nevada and California. Do you realize that we expand our education budget just about every year but we still rank in the bottom third of the country. Is this part of the governor’s plan he talked about in his state of the state speech called “Leading Idaho”. We need a forensic audit of our education budget to find out just where the money is going. He said he would return 1 billion to Idahoans over the next 5 years in income tax relief. Please don’t fall for this boloney as we know that this man will never keep his promises. With the tax cut last year and the one this year he has returned on average $125.00 to the working people of Idaho while his cadre of campaign contributing elites received many times that amount. Please keep in mind this is the man who said he would cut the grocery tax which we still have to pay.


We should be worried more about how much influence the federal government will have on Idaho with all the strings they have attached to the 18 billion in Cares relief money accepted by our Governor to distribute to his elitists buddies. We need to keep the federal government out of our states business not give them more ways to impose federal mandates on Idahoans. We should worry more about fighting to keep Critical Race Theory out of our schools, or living in over built cities which have inadequate infrastructure. Property taxes continue to climb to new highs making it unaffordable for many seniors to stay in their homes and nothing is done to fix this problem. We can’t even seem to fight IACI when it comes to requiring mandates for our hospital employees? These jerks don’t even comprehend that Natural Immunity is 10 times better than these dangerous EUA vaccines and that most of the hospital employees have this natural immunity from constant exposure. Not only that but it has been proven that the vaccine does not prevent Covid or the transmission of the disease.


We noticed that Governor Doolittle never touched on Medicaid Expansion in his state of the state speech so let us enlighten you on this subject. Keep in mind that we fought against both the Obamacare exchange and Medicaid expansion but lost both battles to the elitists armed to the teeth with huge amounts of lobby money. So here is the Medicaid story that no one seems to be talking about. Medicaid expansion was a bad decision and Idaho now ranks fourth in the country for making improper payments at the unbelievable rate of 39.8%. We predicted this would happen if the referendum passed and we now have almost 40% of Medicaid recipients on our rolls that are not entitled to receive Medicaid. We also said the expansion would get Idaho into serious financial trouble in future years. In 2000 Medicaid cost the state $586 million and by 2018 it was 25% of the state’s budget at 1.46 billion we are now looking conservatively at a cost of 3.5 billion or 34% of the state budget.


Our prediction was that the Medicaid rolls would be double the projections from unqualified recipients seeking free health care. When you add in escalating costs for medical care and drugs we are well on our way to Medicaid gobbling up 50% of our state budget in the not too distant future. Governor Little and his cadre of crony republicans could have stopped this expansion but Little never saw a federal dollar he didn’t want. He is looking more like Biden more every day. So while Little is basking in the limelight of a 1.9 billion surplus thanks to Covid and 18 billion in federal money, think about how long this will last. Medicaid costs will continue to climb exponentially each and every year and Idaho will wind up like so many other states at the brink of bankruptcy when all is said and done.


The States estimates of Medicaid costs was totally wrong and the pledge that the Feds will continue to pay the 90/10 split in costs could change with the next congress. If they renege states like Idaho will be hemorrhaging taxpayer money to pay for this expansion. The number of Idahoans covered by Medicaid and CHIP in 2021 reached an astounding 394,000 more than double the original estimate. I urge all Idahoans to consider how Governor little has been leading us in the wrong direction. Don’t look for any real tax relief. Taxes will continue to grow along with big government and the only people that will benefit are the elitists who pay for Littles campaigns.


Governor Little has never been a problem solver which is what Idaho needs. When Trump first gave him credit for cutting regulations he bought into Littles song and dance like everyone else. Problem is that Trump learned from his mistake and did not endorse him for Governor but instead endorsed Little’s primary critic Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin. President Trump is not easily fooled and is a man who does his homework that I can tell you from experience. Fortunately he found out what a phony Little really is and we only hope the people of Idaho are smart enough to find out the same thing before they go to the polls. As President Trump said in his recent rally in Texas. “Let’s Make American Great Again”. We are saying let’s make Idaho Great Again. Little is not a conservative by any means and is leading our state in the wrong direction. If we allow him to have 4 more years we guarantee you will see higher taxes along with bigger government and he will lead our state into the Blue Abyss of Liberalism.


“We Get the Government We Deserve”


Published with Permission of gemstatepatriot.com