The WGA Is At It Again

The WGA Is At It Again


As usual, there is always some pending crisis that mandates “The Imperative For Action” as discussed in this introductory video to the WPR. 


By Karen Schumacher


The Western Governors Association (WGA) previously created its Reimagining the Rural West Initiative (RRW) in order to implement the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  This initiative is also “connected” to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset agenda as it also promotes implementation of the SDG.  As the WGA uses the pretext of Covid-19 to justify its actions, so does the WEF.


Apparently the RRW Initiative wasn’t enough, or perhaps not moving fast enough, to destroy the western states.  WGA has created a new policy platform, the Western Prosperity Roundtable (WPR), to further the damage.  Keeping in mind this will produce major impacts on half the United States, it also contributes to the ongoing strategy of removing jurisdictional boundaries and representation with its “cross pollination of ideas among states“.


As usual, there is always some pending crisis that mandates “The Imperative For Action” as discussed in this introductory video to the WPR.  Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who has run her state into the ground with more than half the citizens wanting to secede, reminds us there are more disasters to come.  Speaking last, Governor Brad Little is very much a part of this initiative with a short blurb advising us of the opportunity to hear from “experts” on our prosperity with a focus on broadband which is the foundation to the Great Reset, guaranteeing we will never go back to the way we were.  It’s almost as if the economic shutdown needed to reach a certain point of damage in order for this to move forward.  He ends with healthcare and telehealth changes that will become permanent.


A representative government is no longer needed.  This group, along with their crony non-profits, corporations, and experts, have our future all figured out for us from childhood up, determining how life will be lived and our place in the workforce as “human capital“.  Representation is now through these groups and it has been made very clear that we will not be allowed to continue life as we did before.


The bottom line is we are being forced into this new world.  One caveat, the rest of the globe is adopting the Great Reset objectives, is there any way we cannot be part of it also?  Can the United States keep its liberty foundations that have contributed to our prosperity and live in a world that is based on data collection and sharing for the Internet of Things, corporations demanding that education is geared towards serving its needs, global citizenry, and a complete shift in how the economy works?  Perhaps a new global governance model is needed.  Freedom and individualism are the only sacrifices to be made.