CNN Special to Target Awakening Patriots & The John Birch Society

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CNN Special to Target Awakening Patriots & The John Birch Society


 By Paul Dragu


The following is a statement from The John Birch Society, the parent organization of The New American.


If you are among the millions who have realized that decades of neocon and RINO leadership has failed to interrupt the country’s trajectory toward socialist tyranny, you may be considered a radical.


This weekend, CNN is airing a special based on the narrative that the GOP has turned from an otherwise respectable party to a “radical” one. “A Radical Rebellion — The Transformation of the GOP — A Fareed Zakaria Special” will air Sunday, May 16, at 8:00pm on CNN. Judging from the promo for the special, the JBS will be included in the blame for this transformation.


An excerpt from the teaser says: “From Barry Goldwater and the John Birch Society, to the conspiracy theories of the defeated Donald Trump, who refused to accept the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election and fomented an insurrection, Zakaria traces the GOP’s tradition of elevating personalities prepared to suppress the democratic franchise through the pursuit of illiberal extremism and conservative grievances against a changing world.”


We’ll move right along past the superfluous point that CNN is part of the leftist propaganda media machine, as well as some of the faulty assumptions made in the excerpt, and skip right over to Fareed Zakaria.


Zakaria is the author of the best-selling book The Post-American World, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an establishment powerhouse organization that globalists use to strip America of national sovereignty. The CFR steers the nation toward globalism through its small yet influential membership. CFR members occupy government, corporate, and media positions, and rotate in and out of those institutions much the same way mainstream media employees toggle between “journalism” and PR jobs for Democratic presidential administrations.


If the routinely applied legacy media template regarding mention of the JBS is any indication, whatever the TV special will say about the JBS will probably include at least one of the following false or misleading story lines:


MYTH: JBS founder Robert Welch was a paranoid who started the Society because he saw a communist around every corner.


FACT: The truth is that Welch recognized that his country was undergoing an attempted Marxist transformation from within, before he started the Society in 1958. What the media hardly ever mentions is that communists did and do infiltrate the U.S. government. Many have been prosecuted, some even sentenced to death. Sadly, Welch’s warnings are blatantly playing out in real time today, as communists are wreaking havoc in American cities.


The media also likes to assert that Welch was crazy because he suspected that President Dwight Eisenhower was a communist agent. They often characterize the entire mission and character of the Society by Welch’s well-documented suspicion of Eisenhower.


Conveniently, the media doesn’t mention Welch’s nearly 400-page book, The Politician, which meticulously documents why he believed that Eisenhower was either unwittingly or consciously working for the communist cause. They leave out of the story that the only official to serve in Eisenhower’s cabinet through all eight years of his administration, Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, called the FBI director’s attention to Welch’s statements to say Welch was right to suggest Eisenhower’s actions were aiding the communists.


The activist media also likes to say that the Society opposed the Civil Rights movement and that it’s a racist organization for that and other reasons.


The JBS opposed federal dominance over the states with regard to determinations of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, etc.. It did so because such actions lacked constitutional support. It did so because once that door is open, even for a good cause, there’s no closing it. The latter concern has repeatedly proven legitimate, as the federal government now affects nearly every aspect of American life.


What you won’t hear from the media is that the JBS has always been ethnically and racially diverse, before the Civil Rights movement. In fact, before 1964, JBS chapters were integrated and some comprised only black Americans. This was officially documented by a report released in 1963 by a California investigatory committee. This is also provable by simple observation.


JBS members and employees include freedom-loving Americans of various races and ethnicities. The only homogeneity among Birchers is ideological: We all value liberty.


Another point that’s been part of the unofficial template for propaganda reporting about the JBS is that respectable Republicans banished the Society from the party in the 1960s.


Usually, said banishment was at the hands of the venerable William F. Buckley, who — despite his overtly public racist writings in the 1950s — was a conservative even leftists could respect (This actually makes sense, given that the Democrat Party has been the party of the KKK, and more recently, Black Lives Matter, also a violent racist organization that terrorizes people and burns and destroys cities where many black people live).


Only months ago, the Washington Post published essays and opinions with titles such as “Before Q’Anon Ronald Reagan and other Republicans purged John Birch Society extremists” and “Republicans pushed out The John Birch Society; They can do it to Trump’s Base.” More recently, however, leftist magazines The New Republic and Salon published pieces with the titles “The John Birch Society Never Left” and “William F. Buckley and the Birchers: A myth, a history,” which basically say the JBS’ influence has never waned.


That much is true. The JBS has never left. And the CNN special promo indicates there may be hints of this truth in it.


Yes, the JBS has since the beginning been influential in conservative thought and policy. But it’s not for the reasons major media has usually cited. JBS is not Q’ Anon. It is not a militia, or a white supremacist organization. JBS has never advocated violence, racism, or any other illegal acts. We are the intelligence agency of the liberty movement. JBS exposes what is really going on behind the policies and helps concerned citizens from coast to coast organize to restore their republic by working within the system so brilliantly created by the Founders.


For 62 years, the JBS has extensively documented how the greatest threat to liberty has been collectivism, as pushed by aspiring global tyrants who want to control the world. And because of that stance, the Deep State-controlled media has always attacked the Society.


JBS members believe America is special. We believe Americans thrive when the government is confined within its constitutional pen and individual responsibility is valued over government paternalism. JBS believes America is a country that has skyrocketed to record societal heights at record speeds because we’ve operated according to free-market principles and a majority of Americans have held Judeo-Christian values.


JBS membership has been recently exploding, as Americans are realizing the truth, as more people are realizing Americanism is in great peril. Our children have been brainwashed and Marxists ideas are heavily influencing the government.


Patriotic Americans realize there is no better time to be a Bircher.


If you’ve had it with the insanity and recognize the obvious peril leftists pose to our way of life, apply to become a member of the JBS. We welcome all people of good character who value liberty and want to restore this country.


Become a Bircher. Work to restore America to a free Republic in which all citizens can thrive in liberty.

Paul Dragu is the Communications Director for The John Birch Society. He is an award-winning investigative journalist and former editor-in-chief of the Havre Herald. He is also the collaborative writer of Defector: A True Story of Tyranny, Liberty and Purpose. You can Email Paul at


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