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By Joel M. Skousen




It’s Over: Disinformation Claims About Trump

Restoration Finally Discredited

The Biden Onslaught Begins

Trump’s Farewell Speech and Pardons

Impeachment Coming for Trump

Reports of Vaccine Damage Continue to Pile Up

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Preparedness Tip: Navigating the Coming Decline


It has been a long battle trying to convince subscribers and Trump supporters that all the stories of false hope spread by “insiders” like Q about Trump winning against all the odds was, and has always been, bogus. In reality, Q was only a small part of the plot to lead Trump supporters astray with false hope. There were also former and current people in various branches of intelligence who would call up people like Generals Flynn and McInerny to feed them false information. They were so effective the good generals bought it—in part because they were naive about the depth of control held by the Deep State over the NSA and the rest of our government and military. Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood were also targets of disinformation, with Wood spreading some of the most bizarre rumors.


Simon Parkes, an old intelligence man in the UK, developed quite a following to his daily “Online Updates” with a mixture of true facts and outrageous claims. The disinformation he gets must be coming from British Intelligence which is in league with our own Deep State, because it echoes what many have been saying in the US. It became downright absurd last Wednesday when he claimed that the Inauguration would be faked —that it would be a computer generated event using Deep Fake computer animation and that all the soldiers in DC were there to arrest all the traitors and reinstall Donald Trump as president. Of course, that never happened. Even as he was saying it, president Trump was packing up and moving out of the White House. What is most disturbing is that NONE of the sincere recipients of this massive disinformation campaign have come out and apologized for passing on the bogus information. None have come out to expose and decry the people who whispered these lies in their ears. How are we to learn from these campaigns to deceive if the victims of this disinformation campaign don’t have the courage to reject and expose it?


As I said, it’s over. The facts are in. Trump has been illegally removed from office by election fraud. Nothing the disinformation crowd has claimed has come true about restoring Trump— not even close. And it never will. Ryan Hardy tweeted after the Inauguration,


What a day on the QAnon forums as the sinking reality hits them that there is no “grand plan” for Trump to be secretly unveiled at the last minute as next President whilst Biden is arrested by “feds on our side”.


BigLeaguePolitics writes that, “Some QAnon hucksters are even pushing the lie that Biden is going to execute the illusive ‘plan.’” This is approaching the irrational! What will they think of next?


Other Twitter users are mocking QAnon followers after it has become obvious that there never was a plan and they were duped. Some of their shocked reactions are being profiled by liberals who are gloating after successfully executing their coup.


As I have said numerous times before, there doesn’t exist a group of patriots at the decision making level of the military, the intelligence agencies or the federal law enforcement and investigative agencies—none. The vetting process by the Deep State and the military is so complete that no one gets promoted to the authority levels unless they are a yes-man to the globalist mindset, or worse: personally compromised.


Sure, there are plenty of soldiers and good guys in the FBI and CIA at the lower levels, but there is no way to even begin organizing a resistance within the armed forces or within armed federal agencies without the all-seeing eye of NSA surveillance knowing about it—and shutting it down.


Likewise, there is no way anyone on the “inside” is going to be permitted to leak revolutionary ideas or intel to any of the popular Trump supporting bloggers unless they are working for the Deep State. Steel yourself against such false hopes and disinformation in the future. It is only when we face reality that we can properly decide what to do next.


You might expect that now that all of these false stories have ended in failure that the disinformation sources would stop. Alex Jones posted in this special video message about the disinformation we have been plagued with, that Q anon is silent for now, and the various Q boards on the net have shut down comments to keep discouraged Q supporters from complaining or asking embarrassing questions. But in other areas of the net disinformation is still being spread like the claim that thousands of Chinese troops are at the border ready to invade. Yes, there are a few hundred Chinese troops doing training in Western Canada courtesy of globalist/leftist PM Trudeau, but they are no invasion threat.


Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com has always believed the hype but wrote as a cautious believer Last week before he put out the “theory” that before Trump left office, he turned over power to FEMA and the military. On Wednesday, he put out a brief statement on Brighteon (which was subsequently removed) admitting things didn’t turn out like he thought, but on Thursday, he was back hyping the false hope crowd and criticizing those patriots who became rightfully disillusioned with false hope as “quitters and free loading” patriots unwilling to keep fighting. That was very unfair.


Adam’s claims dovetail with the new phony claims that you’ll see below claiming that Pete Gaynor and Christopher Miller are secretly running the country in the absence of a legitimate government. That’s nonsense. It will take a few weeks for people to see that this isn’t true as nothing is overturned. If these two Trump appointees aren’t replaced by Biden, you will know they are establishment players.


With the exception of Alex Jones, the purveyors of all this nonsense, rather than apologizing, are desperately trying to find ways of rationalizing the failures away and create new paths to “victory” with the help of those disinformation experts whispering in their ears.


Simon Parkes joined this internet panel  after the inauguration went forward, and not a word was said admitting to all the failures of Simon’s claims. In fact, panel member Charlie Ward claimed that all the TV stations in Spain had the inauguration on screen at 7am in Spain, implying that it was pre-produced as Simon had been claiming. David Nino Rodriguez, without picking up the bait, threw out the idea that perhaps the military would accomplish the coup through Biden, so as to “not embarrass Trump.”


That idea was backed up by Charlie Ward who said, “I keeping listening, minute by minute, to the intel coming the General, saying ‘remain calm, everything is coming.’” He then says his intel source names the two people who are controlling the military and government on behalf of Trump: Pete Gaynor (head of FEMA) and Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. Yes, those two are at the top for now in FEMA and the Pentagon, but there is absolutely zero evidence that they are following this agenda. I suppose with the notion of “it’s still coming,” false hope can be prolonged forever.


Ward goes on to say that his “sources” (proving there is someone feeding him this junk) say that in the new government, Mike Pompeo is going to be Vice President and that Gen. Flynn is going to be a roving ambassador promoting “Nesara” a questionable conspiracy claim about secret government tax funding. Both are nonsense, Pompeo is a globalist. Anyone who would suggest he would be part of a pro-Trump coup is just seeing how gullible Trump supporters are. And, Nesara was never secretly passed by Congress.


As a final straw in the Deep State’s blocking of the good things Trump tried to do, the foot high pile of documents on the Russiagate fiasco that Trump declassified NEVER GOT released this week as claimed. Rumor has it that Gina Haspel of the CIA cancelled their release just before she resigned. Of course, the Biden administration will make sure it never gets released.


Along with that, the John Durham special investigation of FBI spying on the Trump campaign, along with other Deep State crimes never got released either, and never will.


I only cover these new claims of disinformation to show that this flood is never going to end—it is just regrouping and figuring out how best to deceive next. I expect Q will come back online soon with more false claims. It isn’t going to end unless conservatives wake up and stop believing it and passing it around.


All this has now reached the point of such garbage that it’s going to be counter productive to waste time covering each new bizarre claim. Hopefully, the more rational believers in this stuff will stop following it, and understand why the entire premise of secret patriot groups inside government is false. It wastes a lot of time and energy to get caught up in false hope when we should be concentrating on the preparations we must make to evade, where possible, the Biden tyranny descending upon us and the coming nuclear war.


Lastly, all the Deep State people who feigned loyalty to Trump and served in or around his administration, like AG Bill Barr, have all quickly jumped ship and tried to distance themselves from Trump by claiming there was no election fraud. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday came out attacking Trump and fully blamed the president for the Capitol violence, saying the mob was “fed lies” and that the president and others “provoked” those intent on overturning Democrat Joe Biden’s election.


No one can make those statements and be an honest conservative. Now, it should be clear that McConnell is on the other side, just like Mitt Romney and many other Republican senators. Just how many defectors we have to the Democrats isn’t yet clear but we will soon know as the Democrats in the Senate start to ram through radical legislation.


The Republican’s only protection against a Democratic sweep is the filibuster rule forcing the Democrats to muster 2/3rd of the Senate to pass disputed bills. The Dems want to get rid of it, and if the RINO Republicans go along, we will know who to blame.




Biden’s inauguration speech to the nation was a pack of lies, even surpassing what we have to normally endure each year in the State of the Union address.


Biden said his inauguration was a day to “celebrate triumph, not of a candidate, but a cause – democracy…Democracy is precious, democracy is fragile,” he said. “And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed.”


Democracy did not prevail—the election was stolen, as I have laid out in the past issues of the WAB. Of course, he continued by pushing the false claim that he would be the unity president, which is impossible for any president. The nation is permanently and rightly divided on principle.


But Biden warned that “disagreement must not lead to disunion.” “I pledge this to you – I will be a president for all Americans, and I promise you, I will fight as hard for those who did not support me as for those who did.”


Nonsense! Everyone knows Biden cannot represent both our core liberties and the socialists who want to take it away. Disagreements on the core elements of a constitution and liberty and fundamental rights when denied will always lead to disunion, and eventual civil war—if enough people wake up and realize they are being suppressed (which I doubt will happen, given people’s stupidity in going along with the Covid false pandemic). Then he told his biggest whopper:


I give you my word. I will always level with you. I will defend the Constitution. I will defend our democracy. I will defend America and will give all of you – keep everything I do in your service, thinking of not power, but of possibilities, not of personal interest, but of public good.


[I have decided not to use the term, “President Biden” whenever possible because I view him as an illegitimate holder of that office.] Biden issued 17 Executive orders on his first day in office, 9 of which repeal important Trump Executive orders. We expect this, but I don’t recall either George W Bush or Donald Trump fully repealing any executive orders of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama when they took office. ZeroHedge gives a partial rundown:


Following at least a week’s worth of media leaks teasing all the Biden “Day One” action items (Rejoin the Paris Accords, cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, Halt the departure from the WTO, But mostly the massive immigration package that could create paths to citizenship for millions of illegal migrants), withdraw from the WHO by sending Dr. Fauci to speak at the international group’s executive board meeting on Thursday.


Biden’s mask mandate so far, only applies to federal buildings, which includes Post Offices, which already have a mask policy (though not heavily enforced everywhere). Apparently, the new federal mask policy of Biden will apply stupidly to people outdoors at national parks. The Epoch Times added that,


Of these 17 actions, 9 will involve reversals of Trump-era policies: stop construction of border wall-work ordered under President Trump, even as Fox News reported that the contract with the construction company was already paid out. His very first action will [be] an executive order mandating masks be worn by all on federal property.


Biden was expected to withdraw Trump’s order on excluding non-citizens from the census count, to direct the government to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program—which granted temporary immigration status to children brought to the United States illegally—and to rescind a Trump directive which gave the Department of Homeland Security a broader scope for detaining and deporting illegal aliens.


Later Biden signed another order authorizing an “initiative” to employ more racial equality mandates, meaning equality of outcome, as the Epoch Times reports:


President Joe Biden would sign documents to “launch a whole-of-government initiative to advance racial equity,” his transition team said in a Jan. 20 release. Equity means equality of outcome, a concept tied to the critical theories that slice up society into identity groups based on race, gender, sexual proclivities, and others, while positing which groups are oppressed and which are the oppressors, similarly to how Marxism labels people as oppressors or the oppressed based on class.


One thing you can be sure of, all of the people Biden appoints will either have some radical politically-correct background or be agents of the Deep State. Much attention will be paid to spreading all the jobs around to women and racial minorities, while trying to keep peace with the radical Leftist side of the Party. For example, Avril Haines was selected as Director of National Intelligence. No one is allowed into that slot who isn’t fully on board the Deep State agenda—except Trump’s outgoing appointed director and he wasn’t able to expose or change any false intelligence.


Haines, in her previous work for the CIA during the Obama administration, was “instrumental in establishing the legal framework and policy guidelines for the drone strikes, which targeted suspected terrorists in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan, but also resulted, according to human rights groups, in killing innocent civilians. An editor for In These Times said the policy guidelines “made targeted killings all over the world a normal part of US policy”. [Wikipedia]


Biden is keeping Christopher Wray, as FBI director. No surprise there, as Wray has long been part of the Deep State, having participated in the cover-up of government involvement in 9/11.


Biden, playing to the LBGTQ crowd, picked a transgender man who claims to be a woman as assistant health secretary—Pennsylvania Health Secretary “Rachel” Levine. “She” has emerged as the public face of that state’s coronavirus response. -And what a face—an uglier “woman” you’ll never see.


Just to demonstrate where this pandering to the transgender crowd is leading, Biden has signed an anti-discrimination Executive Order directing federal agencies involved to warn and threaten schools that they must not ban transgenders from participating in girls’ sports, as several states have done. –So much for national unity! This will cause a major outcry from parents of girls in sports. Already men claiming to be women are crushing track and field sports records in schools that permit this. This is patently unfair.


Biden has picked failed Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland for Attorney General. Merrick has long had a fetish about seizing private firearms.


Biden picks former diplomat William Burns as CIA director. Burns is a globalist who had a full career in the State Department and since 2014 was president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, perhaps the premier globalist think tank.


The co-chair of Biden’s transition team is Anita Dunn, a long time Marxist who was forced out of the Obama administration for openly praising China’s most ruthless leader, Mao Zedong as a “favorite political philosopher.” I will cover other radical Biden appointees as they come out.


Biden is already moving to reestablish the one-sided disarmament treaties with Russia. As Yahoo News gleefully announced:


President Joe Biden has decided to accept Russia’s offer to extend the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty for the full five years, in what could be a bright spot in an otherwise tense relationship in the opening days of the new administration, according to two administration officials.


The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which caps Washington and Moscow’s deployed nuclear weapons at 1,550 each, is set to expire on Feb. 5 unless both sides agree to keep it in force.


Russia has already long exceeded those numbers and is busy building the new Sarmat missile system with 15 maneuvering hypersonic warheads, which can get through every US anti­missile system on the ground or on the sea. Continuing this treaty will give US globalists the excuse to keep the US vulnerable to a first strike by giving up on ballistic missile defense.


And, of course, Biden is coming after Trump supporters. Tucker Carlson interviewed Glenn Greenwald on the issue. Even though Greenwald is gay and on the Left, he is very concerned. He told Carlson on his Fox News show that, “The new Biden admin is trying to criminalize any opposition to the ruling class.” The anti­government Left is as concerned about this as the Right.


Hillsdale College president Larry P Arnn gave an excellent speech comparing George Orwell’s prophetic novel “1984″ to what is happening to us in this country. Take time to read it later.


One of the first freedoms we are going to have restricted are gun rights. Gun and ammunition restrictions are coming and you need to stock up. It is now or never in the next year. Andrew recently wrote a prep tip on this threat and highlighted some of the best weapons for self-defense.


Of course you will have to prepare a place to hide your sensitive acquisitions. Confiscation isn’t imminent by registration but soon will be, with stiff penalties for those that don’t register. They want to ensure that they know where all the weapons are when come for them by force.


The one thing that I fear most is that the Deep State is planning on turning the president into a martyr and blaming it on a patsy like Oswald, only this time the patsy will probably use an “assault rifle” and surely have a social media history that paints him as a “patriot” and “Trump supporter.”


I can see the Democrats whipping up a national sense of outrage and demanding a total ban on assault weapons. They might even add an ammunition ban, or require a license to buy ammunition or reloading parts. In the process, they get to elevate Kamala Harris to the presidency and avoid the embarrassing gaffes of the current puppet.


The other great danger is if a large group of patriots keeps listening to disinformation by Deep State infiltrators that will try to whip them up into an actual armed insurrection. That could only happen if they promise support from a mythical body of soldiers within government ready to come to their aid and complete the claimed coup. It will fail as that support doesn’t exist, and it too could be used to justify the wholesale loss of our Second Amendment.


I realize that these are dark prospects, but we are entering dark times, and the Deep State has done these things before. They will do them again, so be watchful and prepared.




I was extremely disappointed that Trump was talked out of pardoning Julian Assange and Edward Snowden for exposing Deep State secrets. That was a serious failure and cements my feeling that we need another champion in the conservative movement going forward. Trump has the rhetoric but not the substance.


In his professionally written farewell speech, Trump said the movement we have started is just beginning. Actually, it is probably at its maturity and will decline and fracture if a large percentage of Trump supporters continue to be led astray by disinformation claims and false hope. Trump is even pondering starting a new political party, but that will only split off from Republicans and ensure that we never gain majority status again.


I think also, in light of the power of the Deep State and the corrupt election machinery still in place, predicting political growth or winning elections is way too optimistic.


“We are—and must always be—a land of hope, of light, and of glory to all the world. This week we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous.


Sadly, the world no longer has hope in the US after its history of unlawful interference in other country’s elections and affairs, and after creating the phony war on terror to justify it. Even though Americans are still liked in most places, our government has a very bad reputation. And, more importantly, you can’t pray for an evil administration to do the right thing. To say you should pray for an incoming administration has become a politically correct thing for churches to say, but there is no faith in that proposition—at least not with this administration.


The Lord himself will not even try to inspire evil to do good. Allowing evil to exercise its will on earth has its testing purposes which He must maintain, and when the Democrats are in power they will never lead us to safety or prosperity. As always, Trump bragged about his accomplishments, most of which were not successes at all.


“We did what we came here to do—and so much more. Above all, we have reasserted the sacred idea that in America, the government answers to the people… We restored the idea that in America, no one is forgotten—because everyone matters and everyone has a voice. I took on the tough battles, the hardest fights, the most difficult choices—because that’s what you elected me to do. Our agenda was not about right or left, it wasn’t about Republican or Democrat, but about the good of a nation, and that means the whole nation.”


Fancy words meant to placate everyone, but claiming neither Right nor Left, is an admission of compromise, which he almost always did. Actually, he accomplished MUCH LESS than what he promised, but most of that was not his fault–except in his lack of preparation and ability to argue for his causes against globalist advisors.


“We revitalized our alliances and rallied the nations of the world to stand up to China like never before,” he said. “As a result of our bold diplomacy and principled realism, we achieved a series of historic peace deals in the Middle East. It is the dawn of a new Middle East and we are bringing our soldiers home. I am especially proud to be the first president in decades who has started no new wars.”


Trump doesn’t know this but the Western alliances now are all globalist controlled, so it was no favor to liberty to strengthen them, even if that were true, which it isn’t. Neither did Trump slow down Chinese militarization nor that of North Korea—not by one whit. His peace deals in the Middle East were token acknowledgments by a few Deep State controlled Arab nations of Israel, and will not lead to any lasting peace.


Above all, he set the stage for a new upcoming war with Iran, by sending two aircraft carrier groups to the Persian Gulf in preparation for that war, and he bombed Syria twice and refused to give it back its oil. In his greatest error, listening to false intelligence, he authorized the killing of General Soleimani of Iran who was the primary leader organizing the Iraqi militias in their successful fight against US-backed terror in Iraq and Syria. Soleimani and the Iraqi militias defeated ISIS, not the US. Trump killed him and will pay for that some day at the judgment bar.


Trump’s Pardons a disappointment


In a true sign of all the establishment advisors over the Pardon Board, there were only mainstream figures pardoned on Trump’s last day. He failed to pardon those who are languishing in jail from breaking the unconstitutional FDA restrictions on selling raw milk or herbal products—they weren’t even considered. Only political friends, rappers, partially corrupt businessmen or people in prison for drug offenses were pardoned. I’m disgusted with some of these. ZeroHedge had this summary:


President Trump granted clemency to dozens of people on Wednesday, keeping alive a tradition of last-minute pardons observed by President Obama. The biggest names on the list included Trump’s former campaign chief and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, as well as rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black (the former worked with Trump on a plan to financially power black Americans), former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (one of many American big-city mayors who have ended up in federal prison on corruption charges), and former top GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy, who pleaded guilty in October to acting as an unregistered foreign agent.


Of course, the two biggest names that weren’t on the list were those of President Trump himself (remember all those MSM anonymously sourced stories claiming Trump was “considering” it?) and Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange [Let’s not forget Edward Snowden].


Considering Assange’s recent major legal victory in the UK – where a judge ruled against extraditing him to the US on the grounds that he might face inhumane punishments that could lead to his suicide – and the intense lobbying for Trump to drop a federal case against the Wikileaks’ founder, the fact that his name wasn’t included seems almost suspicious.


Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host and vocal proponent of freeing Assange, offered something of an explanation: apparently, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has sent word to the White House that if Trump were to pardon Assange, then they would be much more likely to convict the president in a second impeachment trial. Carlson speculated whether backhanded threats like this were even legal, but “we’re not lawyers, we don’t know. It’s certainly wrong. But more than that, it tells you everything about their priorities.”


Some Republicans were infuriated by the inclusion of a former Democratic mega donor Salomon Melgen, who performed unnecessary, sometimes painful, surgeries on elderly patients in the biggest Medicare fraud in history. Melgen most infamously stood trial alongside New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who skated on the corruption charges and is still in office.


Here’s a list of a few other notable names curated by Bloomberg: A commutation for Sholam Weiss, who is believed to be serving the longest white-collar sentence in U.S. history, 835 years, for money laundering and other charges stemming from the failure of the National Heritage Life Insurance Co.


A pardon for Bannon, who was among a group of four Trump supporters accused last year of using money donated to the supposedly nonprofit “We Build The Wall” campaign for personal gain. Despite portraying the group as a volunteer effort, Bannon received more than $1 million and used some of it to pay personal expenses, prosecutors said. Bannon denied the charges.


A pardon for Broidy, a fundraiser for both Trump and the Republican National Committee in 2016. Fugitive businessman Jho Low initially paid $6 million to Broidy and promised $75 million more if he succeeded in persuading the Justice Department to walk away from its civil forfeiture case. The back-channel efforts failed and Low was indicted in 2018 on charges of conspiring to launder billions of dollars embezzled from 1MDB. He has denied wrongdoing.


A commutation for Kilpatrick, who was convicted in 2013 on 24 counts of racketeering conspiracy, extortion, bribery and tax evasion and sentenced to 28 years in prison. He was mayor of Detroit from 2002 to 2008; prosecutors alleged his corruption contributed to the city’s bankruptcy five years after he left office.


A commutation for Salomon Melgen, a Palm Beach retinologist who was serving a 17-year sentence for Medicare fraud after billing the government to treat people for eye disease they didn’t have. Melgen’s commutation was supported by Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, a Democrat whom prosecutors alleged pressured federal agencies to help Melgen after receiving gifts and campaign contributions. Charges against Menendez were eventually dropped after a New Jersey jury was unable to reach a verdict.


A pardon for former Google executive Anthony Levandowski, an autonomous driving engineer who was ordered in August to spend 18 months in prison for stealing trade secrets from Google as he defected to Uber Technologies Inc., in one of the highest-profile criminal cases to hit Silicon Valley.


A conditional pardon to Duke Cunningham, a former congressman from California, who in 2005 plead guilty to bribery and other charges arising out of the scandal revolving around the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Cunningham, a Republican, was released from prison in 2013.


A pardon to Todd Boulanger, who had worked with Abramoff and pleaded guilty to conspiring to “commit honest services fraud.” He admitted to providing to public officials “all-expenses-paid travel, tens of thousands of dollars-worth of tickets to professional sporting events, concerts and other events, and frequent and expensive meals and drinks at Washington, D.C.-area restaurants and bars,” according to a 2009 Justice Department press release.


A pardon for former Representative Rick Renzi, an Arizona Republican who served three years in prison on corruption, money laundering and other charges. He was convicted in 2013 of using his congressional seat to make companies buy his former business associate’s land so the associate could repay a debt to Renzi. Prosecutors also said he looted a family insurance business to help pay for his 2002 campaign.


A pardon for Aviem Sella, an Israeli indicted for espionage in connection with the Jonathan Pollard affair. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested Sella’s pardon, the White House said in its statement.


A pardon for former InterMune Inc. Chief Executive Officer W. Scott Harkonen, who was convicted in 2009 of issuing a fraudulent press release touting a drug’s success against a fatal lung disease. Harkonen had unsuccessfully argued his case all the way to the Supreme Court, which rejected his appeal in 2013.


A pardon to Paul Erickson, a conservative political activist sentenced in July to seven years in prison following his conviction on fraud and money laundering charges. He was the boyfriend of Maria Butina, a Russian woman who sought to curry favor with Republican and gun-rights groups and later pleaded guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent.


A pardon for Ken Kurson, a former business associate of Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner. Prosecutors have charged Kurson with cyberstalking related to his 2015 divorce. The White House claimed the criminal investigation “only began because Mr. Kurson was nominated to a role within the Trump administration.”


On Tuesday night, the NY Post reported that Trump would also pardon Death Row Records co-founder Michael “Harry-O” Harris after some heavy behind-the-scenes lobbying by rapper Snoop Dogg.


But Trump is far from the only president who has faced scrutiny over his use of clemency. Obama’s frequent use of commutations, particularly for prisoners convicted of drug-related crimes, prompted criticism from Republicans, who said it benefited “an entire class of offenders” and infringed on the “lawmaking authority” of the legislative branch. And President Bill Clinton drew bipartisan condemnation for pardoning a fugitive commodities trader, Marc Rich, on his last day in office in 2001.


Marc Rich was living abroad to escape his indictment for tax fraud. The real reason for pardoning him was because he set up the Clinton’s secret Swiss bank accounts. He also set up a secret Swiss account for terrorist Yasser Arafat on behalf of the globalist Israeli government.




I fully expect the Democrats to try and impeach Trump to preclude him from ever holding public office again, which, as I explained last week, is without good legal foundation. But that has never stopped the Democrats or Deep State lawyers before. As the Daily Mail pointed out,


Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial could take just three days when it finally begins and Lindsey Graham admits [the] ex-president is struggling to find lawyers to defend him


That is probably because they know it will be rigged against them and that any lawyer defending Trump will be blacklisted by the establishment. But the case for Trump is not only strong from the lack of constitutional wording allowing impeachment after he leaves office, but because the criminal law about incitement clearly can’t be used to convict Trump. Here is a link to 4 Key Points About Trump and ‘Incitement’  Law, by Fred Lucas of the Heritage Foundation.




I only publish these reports to firm up people’s resolve to never take a vaccine, not because I think the government will ever admit the truth. Even though California halted vaccines due to a high rate of allergenic reactions, they did so only because a certain lot number was bad—they would never admit the vaccine itself was to blame. The CNN reported,


The California state epidemiologist has recommended that the state pause the distribution of more than 330,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine after a “higher than usual” number of people showed signs of a possible severe allergic reaction.


Each appeared to experience a possible “severe” allergic reaction, and officials recommended not using other vaccines from that batch until an investigation was completed, the health department said in a statement Sunday.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an example of a severe allergic reaction is if a patient needs to go to a hospital or be treated with epinephrine.


The Children’s Health Defense Team reported that “In December, 3,916 COVID vaccine-related adverse events, including 13 deaths, were reported to VAERS. As more adverse events ranging from life-threatening anaphylaxis to death occur, it will be tougher to “sell” the experimental injections.


Nine of the deaths followed the Pfizer vaccine and four followed the Moderna shot. Nearly all of the deceased were institutionalized (primarily in nursing homes), although one 63-year-old male received the injection at work.


Five (and possibly six) of the deaths occurred on the same day as vaccination, all in women and sometimes within 60 to 90 minutes of the injection and without any “immediate adverse reaction” having been observed.


The reports describe outcomes ranging from “foaming at the mouth” to “massive heart attacks.” Three of the deceased were in their early to mid-60s.


U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna permission to distribute their experimental mRN coronavirus vaccines to Americans on an “emergency use”


Note that this emergency use approval is not a formal or final approval, as most people think. And this is from a subscriber who is a doctor:


Recently at my small ER, we had a younger nurse come in, that had felt pressured to take a covid shot at her job. She had been sick for several days since the jab, and when her labs were run, they showed signs of kidney and liver failure… She started to break down when she was telling me about it. My coworker told me that this poor girl was just broken, admitting that the vaccine was responsible, and that she was not able to function well anymore. The doctor on duty that night was an older doctor, one of the fewer good doctors left that diagnosed her with a reaction to the shot.


Here’s the definitive video by David Martin Ph.D., outlining the long history of patents on the Coronavirus as a human manipulated bio weapon. You can’t watch this and not come to the conclusion that this Covid virus has been specifically designed to create this health crisis that is now being used to take away our liberty through continual emergency edicts.


Ivermectin removed from banned category: If you ever do have to go to the hospital for serious Covid problems, request Ivermectin (which is now legal) over any of their other drug treatments.


Critical Care Alliance  (FLCCC) — along with Dr. Andrew Hill, researcher and consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO), presented their data before the NIH Treatment Guidelines Panel, the NIH has upgraded their recommendation on ivermectin, making it an option for use in COVID-19. This new designation upgraded the status of ivermectin from “against” to “neither for nor against”, which is the same recommendation given to monoclonal antibodies and convalescent plasma, both widely used across the nation.


And lastly, 13 Israelis suffered facial paralysis after taking the Pfizer Covid vaccine, but naturally NO LINK to the vaccination was found. Denial of vaccine damage is everything in the establishment medical profession.




Corporate Bullying of My Pillow: My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, a very public Trump supporter says, MyPillow products won’t be  carried in Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond any longer, the company’s CEO says. This is part of the shadow banning strategy of establishment corporations against any company supporting Trump.


Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell withdraws Supreme Court lawsuit: The withdrawal effectively ends, without a fight, the last of the court challenges seeking to throw out Georgia election results which gave control of the Senate to Democrats. She gave no explanation.




A long-standing insider (member of the CFR, even with his picture in their hallway) has just assumed the presidency and his fellow insiders have gained outright control of both houses of congress. This time around they will not fear being removed from office because so much of our election system has been corrupted even at the state and local level. The level of control still varies by state, but the overall corruption is enough now that conservatives will win few, if any political battles. The best they can hope for is to stymie some of the worst legislation. Joel has long known of the depth of control wielded by conspiring men behind the scenes, but never have they been so confident in their control to swing things so blatantly in their favor. But as the media, enabled by big tech, tries to squash the evidence and silence the voices crying the truth, more people are opening their eyes being unable to swallow the impossibilities and inconsistencies thrown at them. What they find is not pretty: An ugly monster that is scarcely concealed is embedded in highest echelons of power in the USA and, upon further investigation, is apparent in nearly every part of the US. The discouragement and despair brought on by this knowledge is profound and it heralds a bumpy ride downhill with no end in sight. How do we navigate this downward ride?


First, open your eyes to see what is going on. Avoid the temptation to give up on learning about current events. Nothing is more important in navigating our path through this crumbling world than continuing to sort out truth from fiction. If you don’t pick apart its fallacies as it is being woven, you can lose the chance to keep up with the lies and half-truths that pile up. Having an accurate perception of current events helps you respond to it, and prepare for what lies ahead. The pressure to conform can be hard to resist unless you can recite the truth going back to the beginning to dismantle the new paradigms being foisted upon us. The lies presented are increasingly complex but they are moving faster so it is also easier to “feel” when they are wrong. Learn to understand the facts behind those feelings so you can express them to others.


Second, help others wake up. More and more good people are feeling uneasy with the turn of events, especially this past year and are finally willing to look at facts more critically. Those who wake up are shocked—too shocked to admit to most people what their conclusions have been. You can help them recognize that they are not alone and help them assemble the critical points of truth. As you decipher events accurately and discern ways to navigate a path around the status quo, you will be noticed and can help others follow. Of course this requires that you don’t get deceived or lured into false hopes as discussed so often by Joel. The sooner you chart this course and start improving your research, the better your stance will be.


Third, focus on preparations. No matter what happens, learn to recognize what is within our control and what is outside of our control. Preparedness is a way to expand what is within our control. Everyone will be impacted by future events but every key preparation will be a huge advantage to help us solve our own basic necessities when critical infrastructure crumbles. The closer we get to independence, the less leverage the other side will have over us.


2020 will be seen as the turning point when America really started on a long and dramatic decline—just like every other great nation that has declined when its people grow wasteful, lazy, sinful and Godless. Judging by history we can expect the strife between the wicked and the righteous to grow and eventually lead to further separation. Many more just people will be persecuted and even killed before this is over. But as the last bastion of freedom, America is destined to write a different story. Instead of being driven out, good people will be driven together into pockets of resistance and temporary protection. Ultimately, I believe, God will protect a remnant and eventually bring an end to the reign of wickedness.


All is not lost in 2021 and beyond. Most of us still have a job, income and time to work on transitions in life for the future. The window is closing but there is enough time and to spare if we make good use of what we are given. [END]


From Joel M. Skousen’s ‘World Affairs Brief’ weekly email