America is still intact.

America is still intact.


By KrisAnne Hall


The Constitution is still the same document with the same words.


We are still a Constitutional Republic.


All of the above are INDISPUTABLY true IF we are willing to do the following…


  1. Resolve to get fully educated on our State & Federal Constitutions & how American Government is supposed to work.
  2. Organize locally and educate each other.
  3. Activate at the local and State level to secure those governments and ensure Constitutional compliance at the State and local level.
  4. Keep Constitutional control of the State and local governments and the federal government will have ZERO control over your personal life.


WE CAN DO THIS. We don’t need to be frustrated. We don’t need to be discouraged. The enemy wants us to quit! Do Not Quit!


Biden/Harris will not be King/Queen. They only have the power over you that you allow. Constitutional State and local governments were designed by our founders to SECURE the people’s Rights from federal overreach.


If all of this sounds new to you, confusing to you, questionable to you, let me help you understand. I can show you unequivocally and through facts and history that ALL OF THE ABOVE IS TRUE and I can show you HOW to achieve it. Its


We have many avenues for you to begin your journey to Liberty from tyranny:


Join the #LibertyFirst movement. Ensure the America our founders created is the America we pass onto our children.


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