Situation Update, Jan 6, 2021 – America’s Day of Reckoning arrives… Trump must now play his hand

Situation Update, Jan 6, 2021 – America’s Day of Reckoning arrives… Trump must now play his hand


By Mike Adams


With America’s day of reckoning having now arrived, President Trump must now play his full hand to defend the republic against domestic and foreign enemies. Later today, we anticipate VP Mike Pence will betray America, although there is a chance that Sen. Grassley might step in and help save the nation by rejecting the fraudulent electoral votes and sending them back to the states for adjudication.


In today’s Situation Update for January 6th, 2021, we cover breaking bombshell news that Barack Obama funded a vote rigging scheme involving the Italian government (and most likely the Vatican as well). Here are the highlights of today’s podcast:


  • Possible outcome scenarios for today’s decisions in Congress. We believe VP Pence will betray the nation and the GOP will commit its final political suicide by embracing the obviously fraudulent, illegal Biden slate of electoral votes.
  • One possible scenario sees Sen. Grassley presenting new national security evidence that we’ve never seen before, then rejecting the electoral results based on this new evidence.
  • Why Trump’s declassification efforts may see previously classified documents funneled through non-government individuals in order to achieve broad, efficient distribution of the information.
  • What’s remaining for Trump and America after the total betrayal of the GOP, Pence, SCOTUS and others.
  • Apple Maps is blocking directions to Washington D.C. as yet another example of Big Tech interfering with honest democracy.
  • Jeffrey Prather warns the deep state may attempt to bomb churches in D.C.
  • Mitt Romney screamed at by airplane passengers as they all head to D.C.
  • Pennsylvania lawmakers demand Pence reject the fraudulent electoral votes and give them more time to investigate election irregularities.
  • Trump tweets the VP has the power to reject electoral votes, while the NYT runs a propaganda article claiming Pence said he has no such power. That NYT story was later revealed to be fake news.
  • Wisconsin lawmakers move to de-certify Biden electoral votes. Other states likely to follow.
  • Why the election is not over today, even if Biden is confirmed as president-elect. States can still de-certify their votes as new evidence emerges, which can include national security evidence.
  • Trump considering total declassification and mass firings of top traitors in the administration.
  • Lt Gen. Tom McInerney warns that if Pence doesn’t act, Trump must declare military authority to save the nation.
  • Georgia election being stolen through the same fraud that was used in the general election. Rigged ballots, blocking GOP observers, rigged Dominion machines and more.
  • Those who commit election fraud face five years in federal prison.
  • Dominion voting machines found to have “Made in China” labels on their boxes, proving they are manufactured in China.
  • President Xi Jinping orders military to be “ready to fight at any second without fear of death.”
  • A nurse dies suddenly after receiving the coronavirus vaccine.
  • What’s next: Trump’s military authority option and the “We the People” option to preserve the nation and stop the steal.


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