Breitbart attacks Lin Wood for previously supporting Democrats, forgetting that Andrew Breitbart himself was once a progressive liberal

Breitbart attacks Lin Wood for previously supporting Democrats, forgetting that Andrew Breitbart himself was once a progressive liberal


By Mike Adams


Of all the stupid maneuvers by patriots, yesterday’s attack on Lin Wood is among the dumbest we’ve ever seen. Breitbart went full tilt against Lin Wood, claiming Wood had previously donated to Democrats in years past and was therefore a wolf in sheep’s clothing who must be trying to sabotage the Georgia election.


Yet was founded by Andrew Breitbart who, himself, was a former Democrat and progressive liberal. He used to work for Arianna Huffington and was part of the left-wing content industry for many years. Breitbart came to his senses and realized how dangerous the Democrats had become … and that’s exactly the same awakening that Lin Wood has experienced.


If we don’t welcome former Democrats to the pro-liberty team, then something is wrong with us, not them.


Isn’t the whole point of all this to help Democrats wake up and realize they’ve been living as part of a hate-filled cult that despises human freedom and the freedom to think? Shouldn’t we be celebrating former Democrats who are now serving as champions for American freedom?


As proven by his own actions, Lin Wood is an American hero, and he’s right when he says that Loeffler and Purdue need to earn their support from the public. Why aren’t GOP Senators and candidates calling out the vote fraud?


If you ask me, the real wolves in sheep’s clothing here are the silent GOP leaders who are sitting back and watching their republic be stolen by communist China and radical left-wing communists / Marxists. There should be a nationwide outcry from GOP leaders, but instead we get near-total silence. The GOP has failed America, while people like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are fighting for America.


I’m sure I speak for millions of American voters when I say that if the GOP doesn’t get off its ass and immediately start calling out the election fraud and supporting Trump, I will never vote for any member of the GOP ever again.


The GOP can go to Hell — and Breitbart with them — if they’re not capable of recognizing the fight that we now face and why we must welcome every person, regardless of their political background, who is charging the enemy right now and fighting for the very existence of our republic.


If you’re not calling out the obvious, overwhelming, irrefutable vote fraud and treason taking place all around us right now, then you are complicit in it.


And frankly, most of the GOP is complicit in it, and they are more than happy to stay silent while their republic is overrun by authoritarian left-wing lunatics and communist sympathizers.


Lin Wood is right: It’s time for Trump to declare martial law, initiate the mass arrests and go full Abraham Lincoln on the traitors. And when he does that, we will give him our full support.


My loyalty is with Trump and the freedoms he’s fighting to protect. The GOP establishment has proven to be utterly worthless in this fight, which is precisely what Lin Wood is accurately pointing out.