Dear Mr. President,



President Donald J. Trump                                                                                      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue                                                                          Washington DC 20500


Dear Mr. President,


I have been a registered Voter for 60 years and I have never seen a more corrupt election, than this one. Every friend I have realize the Nation has been taken over by an organized group of Zealous Democrats. They tried with everything they had to get you out of Office and they failed.


This is so blatant that we must have a complete and through audit, of all precincts in all 50 States. The mailing of Ballots to everyone on the registration rolls has to be illegal and any state that did such should have the results disallowed. There was no excitement on the Biden side and no one that I know,  voted for Biden.


Before the election, we as the people of this great Country had to endure seeing our great cities and monuments being destroyed by Communist backed rioters. They were not peaceful demonstrators, they were common criminals with an agenda to destroy our Nation and our electoral system. The Democrats, with all their operatives have systematically destroyed the legitimacy of our election process. The Fake Media constantly flooding the airways with lies and distortions and most all of the Election centers being turned into a total fraud. As Stalin of Communist Russia once said, the Power is not with the Voter, but the Power is with the Vote Counter.


We knew the Corrupt Democrats would pull all stops out in this election, they failed at Russia and Ukraine, Impeachment and are now a mile deep in their latest attempt to eliminate our vote. For each illegal vote that means one legitimate Voter has been eliminated. We all know the Voter registration rolls contain dead people and non-citizen voters. When Ballots are sent out to everyone registered on the Voter Rolls, we can also imagine how many were also sent to a Democrat operative to fill out and mail in.


All of this must be looked at and the certification of results must be halted until we can get to the bottom of this travesty. We the people are with you Mr. President and we will stand firm against this Traitorous act against our Country. Mr. President, you are hereby authorized to use this letter in any way you deem relevant.




Raymond Carston                                                                                                    Pinehurst, ID