Washington Ballot Access and Reorganization

Washington Ballot Access and Reorganization


By Robert W. Peck


Once every four years, the Constitution Party of Washington has to collect 1,000 signatures of registered voters to have our national party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees (Don Blankenship and William Mohr) placed on the Washington ballot. Thankfully, our state’s requirements are very modest compared to most. Many states require several thousand signatures and even tens of thousands of signatures in some.


Before collecting the signatures, we must hold a “nominating convention,” legal notice of which must be published in a newspaper in the county where the convention will take place. We can hold conventions in multiple counties and add together the signatures collected in association with each to reach our required 1,000 signatures.


I will be traveling the state to be present at each nominating convention (dates and locations below). It would be great to meet each of you in person. You can participate in a convention in a county where you are not a resident. You only need to be a currently registered Washington State voter to participate in the convention and sign the petition. It is only the convention business and collection of signatures that is limited to the county in which we published legal notice.


We are in need of reorganizing the Constitution Party of Washington. Our party secretary has moved out of state, our vice-chair plans to move soon, and my life’s callings and duties have changed to where I can no longer serve as chairman. It’s all for the good and a fresh infusion of new people will be for the good of the party as well.


I would like to plan a state party convention for later in the summer, maybe in August after our ballot access effort is concluded and all the paperwork is submitted in Olympia. Due to current restrictions, I’m not sure if we will be able to meet at a restaurant or other private meeting room as we normally do. We might do better to meet at a park and just bring our own lawn chairs.


I would like the convention location to accommodate the greatest number of people. If you are willing, able, or at least interested in attending in person, please reply to this message with your name and location. If most of us are in the eastern half of the state, then Moses Lake is pretty central. We’ve often used Ellensburg as being the center of the state. If most of us are on the west side, then… well, I’m not as familiar with the west side, but we have had several meetings in Renton in the past so maybe we could find a park there.


Okay, here are the nominating convention dates, times, and locations. Again, because of current restrictions and business closures, all of the conventions will be in public parks. I’ve included a link to a map for each location and instructions on approximately where I will be in the park. I’ll also bring a Constitution Party sign to set up next to my chair so you don’t have to ask a lot of strangers if they’re Bob Peck.



July 2, 6:00 pm, Spokane Valley


July 3, 12:30 pm, Colville


July 4, 12:00 pm, Centralia

  • Rotary Riverside Park, 313 Lowe Street.
  • From I-90, take Harrison Ave exit, go east two blocks, turn onto Lowe Street across from Burger King, go straight to parking area and shelter at the north-west end of the park.
  • Map: https://goo.gl/maps/k4juj1HNoTTPUKQU9


July 4, 6:00 pm, Puyallup


July 10, 3:00 pm, Omak

  • Eastside Park, Omak Ave.
  • From Hwy 97, take Dayton St exit, go about three blocks to the park. I plan to be at the west end of the Chamber of Commerce parking lot, 401 Omak Ave.
  • Map: https://goo.gl/maps/WHdFEUUc4sXaedHk8


I look forward to seeing you.


Robert W. Peck


Constitution Party of Washington