Culture Cannibals protest The Church at Planned Parenthood

Tom ‘Robinson’ shows his appreciation of The Church at Planned Parenthood


Culture Cannibals protest The Church at Planned Parenthood


 By Casey Whalen


The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP) have been conducting services outside Planned Parenthood protesting the murder of innocent lives. The City of Spokane recently passed a health care facility noise ordinance limiting the decibel level of noise outside of Planned Parenthood. According to an interview with Pastor Ken Peters of Covenant Church Spokane he stated, the decibel levels have to be below 75, which is quieter than the traffic passing the service.


This has drawn the ire of local groups such as Stronger Together Spokane & 500 Drag Queen Strong opposing TCAPP at the facility. The 2 videos show the service on March 18 and an interview with Pastor Peters afterwards. The second video highlights the disgusting behavior of the counter protesters, extreme social justice warriors and the ‘culture cannibals’ of Spokane.



Culture Cannibals of Spokane –


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Casey Whalen is a freelance journalist for his You Tube site North Idaho Exposed


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