Idaho Legislative Update from Rep. Sage Dixon, March 27, 2020


Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1


Floor Session:


This was the final week of the 2020 Legislative Session, and, as most do, this Session had its own unique characteristics at the end.  Most evident was the dissatisfaction many in the House felt with some of our State agencies, and specifically their budgets.  Normally, we will see a number of “Nay” votes against a handful of budgets, with one or two, at most  failing to pass.  This year, we had 8 budgets fail to pass, in addition to 6 other pieces of legislation that were not approved.  There were many reasons why this amount of budgets were not passed.  For the most part, it had to do with not following the Governor’s recommendation that all budgets reduce spending by 2% i.e. the Secretary of State, and Colleges and Universities (twice); there was the perception of policy actions being taken by the executive branch, i.e. Division of Building Safety, and the Tax Commission;  as well as the aforementioned dissatisfaction i.e. the Treasurer, the Attorney General, and the Soil and Water Commission.  Each of these budgets were reworked and ultimately passed the House, but this was a statement that the legislature has not made in the past.


As always,  all votes are yes, and all Bills passed unless otherwise noted.


The Bills we voted on were:


S1353   Appropriation for Public Health Districts                                               $10,594,400

S1289   Amends law regarding irrigation districts and certain land assessments

S1290   Amends law regarding irrigation district elections

S1392   Appropriation for Division of Building Safety                          $16,248,700  N  FAIL

S1398   Appropriation for Catastrophic Health care Program                             $3,500,600

S1399   Appropriation for H/W Family and Community Services                    $129,513,400

S1403   Appropriation for Dept. of Environmental Quality                                 $66,660,700

S1404   Appropriation for Medical Boards                                                           $7,866,700

S1405   Appropriation for State Controller                                                         $18,889,300

S1406   Appropriation for State Liquor Division                                                 $22,732,900

SCR123States findings and requests funds for expansion of Boise Veteran’s Cemetery

H624     Amends law regarding teacher evaluations for career ladder purposes

S1330aaAdds to law regarding Idaho Extended Employment Services Program

HR10     Amends House Rules 20, 49 and 69 regarding the speaker and Chief Clerk

S1350aaHAmends law regarding funding source and fiscal impact of ballot initiatives

S1277aaHAmends law regarding property taxes and homeowners exemption

H404aa Adds to law regarding financial exploitation of an elder

HJM16  States findings as to the President’s right to call the National Guard into service

H634     Appropriation for Secretary of State                                                        $3,911,300

H635     Supplemental appropriation for State Treasurer                                           $50,000

H636     Appropriation for State Treasurer                                                            $4,366,500

H637     Trailer appropriation for Public Schools Teacher’s Division                     $8,315,600

H638     Trailer appropriation for Dept. of Fish and Game                                       $329,300

H640     Trailer appropriation for State Appellate Public Defender                          $157,400

H641     Appropriation for Colleges and Universities                          $629,418,600  N  FAIL

S1427    Appropriation for year end cash transfers                                             $39,194,200

S1428    Supplemental appropriation for Division of Human Resources                 $500,000

S1429    Supplemental appropriation for Office of Information Technology Service$800,000

H645     Appropriation for Wolf Depredation Control Board                                     $392,000

H646     Appropriation for Dept. of Water Resources                                          $25,939,300

SCR137States findings regarding the Lemhi River Basin and usage settlement

H405aaS Amends law regarding DUI diversion program                                                     N

H643     Appropriation for Attorney General                                                        $26,543,500

S1407    Appropriation for Office of Drug Policy                                                    $4,812,100

S1408    Appropriation for Idaho State Police                                                     $86,157,600

S1410    Appropriation for Superintendent of Public Instruction                         $37,841,000

S1409    Appropriation for Office of the State Board of Education                     $15,874,900

S1411    Appropriation for Idaho State Historical Society                                    $8,415,000

S1412    Appropriation for Soil and Water Conservation Districts                        $3,084,300

S1413    Appropriation for Dept. of Agriculture                                                   $47,559,800

S1414    Appropriation for Dept. of H/W Other Programs                                   $72,358,500

S1415    Appropriation for Dept. of H/W Public Health Services                  $126,846,900  N

S1418    Appropriation for Dept. of H/W Medicaid                                     $3,115,077,600  N

S1419    Appropriation for Dept. of Commerce                                                   $37,487,800

S1420    Appropriation for Dept. of Labor                                                            $97,252,200

S1421    Appropriation for Board of Tax Appeals                                                     $634,500

S1422    Appropriation for State Tax Commission                                $45,853,200  N  FAIL

S1423    Trailer appropriation for Supreme Court                                                    $544,900

S1424    Trailer appropriation for Supreme Court                                                    $265,800

S1426    Trailer appropriation for Division of Career Technical Education               $509,300

H644      Appropriation for Colleges and Universities                                   $628,654,200  N

H639      Trailer appropriation for State Controller                                                   $198,800

S1295    Adds to law regarding tele-dentistry and restrictions                                              N

S1305    Amends law regarding prescriptive authority of certain psychologists

S1332    Amends law regarding formation and governance of new ambulance districts

S1348    Amends law regarding reviews of patient prescription drug history                       N

S1368    Amends law regarding Idaho Roadless Rule Implementation Commission

S1321aaAmends law regarding workers compensation and intent to harm

S1354    Amends law regarding certain rules for Medicare certified hospitals

S1301    Repeals and adds to Idaho Credit Union Act

S1340    Amends law regarding sentencing criteria for probation or imprisonment

S1342    Adds and amends law regarding commercial burglary

S1370    Amends law regarding correctional facilities and prisoners

S1371    Amends law regarding minor guardians and armed forces personnel

S1323aaAmends law regarding teaching certificates and certain crimes against adults

S1331    Amends law regarding chiropractors and certain prescriptions

S1338aaAmends law regarding Public Records Act and disclosure

SCR138 States findings and recognizes John Rosholt for his water law work

SCR132 States findings and authorizes an Idaho Content Standards Interim Committee

SCR133 States findings and declares May as Hidden heroes Month in Idaho

H626     Appropriation for Public School Administrators Division                      $102,193,000

H614     Amends law regarding use of electronic devices in vehicles

S1283    Amends law regarding waivers or variances from administrative rules

S1336    Amends law regarding assault of members of Comm. of Pardons and Parole      N

S1309    Amends law regarding emergency situation absentee ballots

S1385    Amends law regarding criminal abortion, providing penalties and exceptions       N

S1349aaAmends law regarding specialty plate program

S1379aaAmends law regarding dyed fuel enforcement and penalties                                 N

SCR122 States findings and requests new paths for high school graduation

SCR128 States findings and encourages financial literacy courses in Idaho schools

H440aaS Adds to law regarding discrimination in public employment

HR11      Amends House Rule 45 and 76 regarding Ethics Committee and House Policy

S1292    Adds to law regarding law enforcement and motorcyclist profiling

H500aaSAdds to law to establish Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

H518aaSAmends law regarding property tax notices

H340aa,aaS Amends law regarding temporary alcohol-drug abuse treatment facility

H651     Appropriation for State Tax Commission                                          $45,483,800  N

S1343aaH Adds to law regarding liabilities of mountain operators

H650     Appropriation for Division of Building Safety                                          $15,974,100

H384aaSAdds to law to provide compensation for a person who is wrongfully convicted

H461aaSAmends law regarding removal of tenant’s property after judgement for landlord

H487aaSAmends law regarding pesticides and chemigation regulations

H561aaSAmends law regarding assessment of property upon appeal of assessed value

H325aaS,aaS Amends law regarding transportation TECM fund and bridge maintenance

Amending Order:

H462     Amends law regarding landlords and security deposits  (2) Amendments Approved

S1318   Establishes Fair Chance Employment Act                      (2) Amendments Approved

S1325   Amends law regarding school employee certification       (1) Amendment Approved

S1343   Adds to law regarding liabilities of mountain operators    (1) Amendment Approved


Revenue and Taxation:

We did not meet this week, and continued to be at the “Call of the Chair”.  We are officially done for the year.


Transportation & Defense: 

We held (1) final meeting this week and heard (5) Bills, and (1) RS.


The Bills were:


H325aaS   Transportation Funding

H614 Electronic Devices (carried over from last week)

S1297 License Plate (carried over from last week)

S1349  Specialty License Plates (carried over from last week)

S1379aa Dyed fuels, inspection, enforcement


The RS was regarding:


Rules Concurrent Resolution


All Bills were sent to the House Floor with a “Do Pass” recommendation, and the RS was introduced to print.



This week we only met to approve our final minutes and are done for the year.


I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent District 1 in The Idaho House of Representatives.


Lord Bless,

Sage G. Dixon




Rep Sage G. Dixon,  District 1

Bonner and Boundary Counties



Revenue and Taxation


Transportation & Defense




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