Japan activates global suicide mission, begins releasing thousands of potentially cross-infected cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo starting TODAY

Japan activates global suicide mission, begins releasing thousands of potentially cross-infected cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo starting TODAY, Feb 19th


By: Mike Adams


Japan’s global suicide mission has now begun. Hours ago, Japan’s Ministry of Health (which should be called the “Ministry of Suicide”) authorized the release of thousands of cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo, even though previous testing has found that up to 26% of tested people on the ship are infected with the coronavirus.


The justification for the release was that passengers spent “14 days in quarantine” on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship. However, as we have repeatedly pointed out, the Diamond Princess “quarantine” was a non-quarantine quarantine because passengers were sharing the same air and suffering from cross infections of the airborne coronavirus pathogen. It’s not a quarantine if you’re sharing air with other people in the middle of an airborne pathogen epidemic, but apparently the health officials in Japan have no clue how infectious disease really works.


Just yesterday, for example, 79 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed among the passengers, even as those very same passengers were being prepped for de-boarding, reports Channel News Asia.


“An additional 79 cases of coronavirus have been reported aboard the infection-ravaged Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan — as an expert called the lack of disease control on the vessel ‘completely chaotic,’” reports NYpost.com.


The number of infections confirmed on the ship has skyrocketed to a new total of 621, even as Japan is releasing other passengers from the so-called “quarantine.” As NYpost.com reports:


Meanwhile, in a scathing video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday, Kentaro Iwata, an infectious disease expert at Kobe University, who spent time on board the Diamond Princess, said the vessel’s infection control measures leave much to be desired.


“The cruise ship was completely inadequate in terms of the infection control,” Iwata said. “There was no distinction between the green zone, which is free of infection, and the red zone, which is potentially contaminated by the virus.”


“I was so scared of getting COVID-19 because there’s no way to tell where the virus is,” he said. “No green zone, no red zone, everywhere could have the virus.”


He said he also observed crew members, some wearing full protective gear and some not, wandering around and potentially cross-contaminating different areas of the vessel. Some ate lunch with their medical gloves on and used their phones while wearing their protective suits, he recalled.


Insane. But this is what we get from incompetent government health officials, which seems to be a universal phenomenon.


A giant floating incubation vessel is not a “quarantine”


The thousands of people being released by Japan are now moving through the Tokyo airport, boarding commercial flights and potentially contaminating thousands of other people in airports and cities all across the world. It’s already too late to stop them. By the time you read this, hundreds of such passengers are probably already in the air, flying toward dozens of major cities around the world.


It’s almost as if Japan wants the virus to spread.


Every doctor knows that a “quarantine” in which participants are allowed to cross-contaminate each other doesn’t count as a quarantine. The Diamond Princess cruise ship is not a level-4 biohazard facility, and it does not have airtight rooms with sub-micron air filtration that would remove viruses from the circulating air. Cruise ships are, in fact, giant floating incubation vessels where airborne pathogens easily spread from passenger to passenger.


That’s why half of all non-China infections documented across the world have taken place on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.


Yet we still live in a world dominated by what I call “pandemic denialists.” Listen to this podcast to understand why I increasingly feel like Sarah Connor as I observe society’s self-induced suicide via the coronavirus:


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