The new era of Political Violence

The new era of Political Violence


By Brent Regan


I downloaded the “report” and read the executive summary and conclusions. What is immediately clear after a trivial amount of research is this was NOT a criminal investigation. It was opposition research done by a firm that specializes in litigation support. The Washington State Legislature (majority party democrats) used taxpayer dollars to conduct opposition research on a political opponent in an apparent attempt to intimidate him and have him removed from office.


Companies that offer “litigation support” are engaged to find material to support one party’s position, which in this case is their client’s, the Washington State Legislators. They do not offer a fair assessment of the facts, as that is the job of the courts. The Report states: “Shea…planned, engaged in, and promoted…political violence against the United States (US) Government” yet offers no criminal court verdict to support this opinion. In fact the report fails to cite any actual violation of state or federal law. Had Mr. Shea done anything illegal then I am quite confident he would be under a criminal investigation. Until Mr. Shea is tried and convicted in a court of law he is innocent.


Remember too that this is the same democrat administration that takes no action in response to Antifa’s violent demonstrations.


Attempting to remove an elected official from office based on a “report” bought and paid for by your political opponents? It seems that the democrats in Washington State are aping the democrats in Washington DC.


It seems we have entered the age of “Guilt by Accusation”. Who among us is safe? This is not good. Not good at all.


As for Heather Scott, she was elected, re-elected and will likely be elected again by the people in her district. It seems she is representing them quite well.

Brent Regan Here is the report.…/RampartGroupReport.pdf…