H.G. Wells and the New Republic – NWO

H.G. Wells and the New Republic – NWO


 (Based on Anticipations Of The Reaction Of Mechanical And Scientific Progress Upon Human Life And Thought).

By Rob Chase


Futurist Herbert George Wells was only 36 when he wrote Anticipations. His brilliant mind had already led him to write the Science Fiction which he is best known for: The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, and The Island of Doctor Moreau.


In the non-fiction Anticipations, Wells writes about how the budding inventions of the latter part of the 19th Century would affect society in so many ways: travel, communication, war, entertainment, faith and morals, the transfer of the rural population to the growing cities, the change in class systems, and especially, the formation of a New Republic of Global proportions.


Wells had made a fortune through his writings and was welcomed into the Fabian Society where he rubbed shoulders with the Huxley’s and Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood). In other words, he was accepted into the unelected elite who actually run the World. He made many accurate predictions about the coming 20th Century, and even the 21st Century.


In this article I will paraphrase what H.G. Wells wrote of in Anticipations and quote directly as appropriate.


On Locomotion:


Wells foresaw the growth of our great cities with specialization of jobs, the rapidly populating America, the entry of China into the field of World politics causing the whole world to be linked more closely. Mercantilists would be insulated from competition. The motor truck and omnibus with rubber tires, and transit lines replacing the locomotive by using macadamized roads with many lanes. Travel would expand from a foot and horse civilization, to a range of hundreds of miles in a day


On the diffusion of the great cities:


Centripetal suburbs like star shaped contours will be relieving pressure on the great cities; which will have grown from hundreds of thousands of residents to millions. The new cities will have a dominant center Metropolis with secondary centers (suburbs). The population growth would culminate in pauper masses, public charities, and a crowded struggle for existence with the unemployed, and unemployable.


Basic needs will be close by within the radius of a suburb, while eclectic items would still keep shopping alive within the great cities. A second centripetal consideration of the growing cities will be access to good schools and doctors without having to go downtown. A third centripetal development is the passion of the promenade that would still attract the young and single Bohemian types to choicer haunts and novelties; that a large and dense population could still support. The developing telephone would also come to save the time and energy of travel, as will the circulating libraries expand knowledge for those who seek it.


Social Elements:


Now it starts to get dark.


With the advent of the 20th Century another class will have surfaced. The irresponsible wealthy. The shareholder who was not born into nobility, but didn’t have to work or beg like common man. They will neither toil nor spin, but receive their sustenance in dividends. The share is the manumission of the machinery labor saving age. This class is free to an extent unprecedented in history. Instead of using that idle time to create great literature, music, and art the new class will consume inferior craftsmanship. They will be spenders of money, while living in homes with sham chimneys and gables with an appearance of age. This trend will especially affect the feminine sex where children, if any, are just another ornament, and their feminine idleness will at least be a boon to the historical romance genre of the ideal heroic man. This trend had already caused a considerable relaxation of the institution of permanent monogamous marriage when Anticipations was written. Wells predicted that with a smaller world, intermarriages and interracial interaction will increase the abandonment of local customs. Large tracts of land will be set aside for opulent enjoyment like today’s Las Vegas Strip, and Disneyland. Communication will be transformed by the coming extension of the telephone and phonograph.


Historically, there was always the class of those in supportive roles, and subordinate to the ruling class – the cultivator, peasant, serf, or slave. Wars would separate those on horseback from those on foot, and the greater equestrian power tended to form castes along those lines; the aristocrat and the common man, the knight and the footman, in Rome the Patrician and the Proletariat. This had always led to an educational gap in society.


Another consequence of progress would be a greater number of people without property, or any evident function in the social organism – the Urban Poor. A leaderless, aimless people thrown out of employment by technology, or failure to adapt. They will live in the slums, the prisons, and the asylums, the unemployed and the unemployable; a growing variety of non-productive but active men. Factories and innovation eliminated the need for specialized watchmakers, smiths, boiler makers, miners, and farmers. By Wells’ time home improvements were beginning to replace the household servants toil through the innovations of plumbing, electricity, and heating; which eliminated the need for hewers of wood, water bearers, cooks, nannies, chimney sweeps, and stablemen. The abolition of impossible distances allowed for the more talented specializations centered in the countries where they fit best. This unfortunate class Wells called the Grey Element.


The old upper and lower classes had their functions in prior ages. In between them was a middle class of the old order that grew with greater prosperity, but would also begin diminishing eventually into the two new classes. The Grey Element and the Professional Classes.


The Professional class would grow not only with successful investors, but with the emergent community of intelligent people like engineers, scientists, and doctors.


Wells predicted the new class of the professional would be more malleable in that they would be easily indoctrinated through education. They would grow to rely on science, rather than mysticism. They might still have a respectable marriage through the tenets of Christendom, but this would be more of a cultural consideration, than a faith decision.


There will be no democratic collective will anymore; only a blank indifference to the charlatan politicians using them. The Press will appeal to the “Grey Element” – the average man. When things need to be shaken up they will be led to war by the Press as a necessary pruning of mankind. An appeal to patriotism will be made. Patriotism requires a foreign threat, or perhaps even a domestic threat which can be portrayed as acting foreign to popular convention. Any politician not fitting the mold will not be elected. Electeds will be trained to hold office, to keep office, and to not do anything in office.


Occasionally a man will arise like Caesar, Napoleon, or Hitler will arise as an interlude for a brief time before he dies, and things return to normal. The grey confusion that is Democracy must eventually pass away into the higher stage, into the organism of the world state of the coming years – The New Republic.


The future of War in the 20th Century will be dominated by the machine. In 1900 the machine gun was right around the corner, ready in time for WW1. It made the strategy of trench warfare from the American Civil War, obsolete. There will be no more room for great generals, but rather organizers sitting in a telephonic center of the great front. Since combatants will no longer see each other there will no need even for uniforms.  Armies will be more like herding sheep than battling each other pell-mell. Wells believed there would be a successful trans-oceanic flight sometime before 1950 (he was late on this one), and the air war would replace the need for armies and navies. The inheritor of the New Republic will be the nation to foster the power that will finally supersede Democracy, the power that is; of the scientifically educated, disciplined specialist.


This will be the new dominant professional class attaining a greater synthesis in the establishment of a one world state at peace with itself – the New Republic.


Wells identified five great people groups of spacious coalescence: Anglo Saxon, Pan Germanic, Pan Slavic, the union of the Latin peoples; these would also include those colonies and nations sprung from the European dissemination, and the union of the yellow peoples. Wells went on to say; “To these five major influences there exists a smaller slice of Jewry that holds its own distinction.” Germany would not be a good a candidate having the problem of being shoved between France and Russia. Nor the Latin synthesis mostly isolated in Central and South America. The Slavs will eventually be incorporated into Europe and East Asia, which itself would mostly be swallowed into the Abyss of the Grey Class of have nots.


Wells wrote that the ideal of the New Republic he was promoting sprang from the earlier idea of a Federal Europe envisioned after the demise of Napoleon. The American Constitution and British Crown would be modified in this greater synthesis of the nascent New Republic, formed by a unification of the new upper class of intelligentsia of the great powers previously described, with English cementing them together as the most appropriate universal language.


Wells opines that the New Republic would actually be run by business Trusts, since they will develop into an organization that, under professional men, are far more capable then any sort of public official. He wrote, “The Trusts grow continually more elaborate as efficient machines of public service …The New Republic will be sort of an outspoken Secret Society. This demonstrated efficiency will cause adhesion to the new ideal. These secret society members will be working in schools and newspaper offices, in foundries and factories, in colleges and laboratories, in city councils and on school boards – even it may be – in the pulpits – waiting for the time when the coming of the New Republic will be ripe. It may be dawning even in the schools of law, because presently there will be a new and scientific handling of jurisprudence…The New Republic will constitute an informal and open freemasonry.”


“The New Republic must ultimately become a World State, and will be conspicuously and freely controlling the general affairs of humanity before this new century (20th) closes.”


What of everyone else besides the intelligentsia of the New Republic? “That other great element, the people of the Abyss…to the rejected of the white and yellow civilizations there will have been added a vast proportion of the black and brown races. They will ask, “What of us?”


Wells answers that it is necessary that “the primary conception of life, the fundamental, religious, and moral ideas of the predominant should first be considered.” That train of thought comes from Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection – the survival of the fittest; and Malthusian Economics, which states that a growing population consumes a dwindling supply of resources leading to a demise of humanity. Well’s tells us, “Whole masses of human population are, as a whole, inferior to their claim upon the future.”


In Well’s words, “Darwin destroyed the dogma of the Fall, upon which the whole intellectual fabric of Christianity rests. The idea of an irascible and punitive Deity will be rendered ridiculous and incredible. There must follow some newborn thing,

a reconstructed ethical system that will dominate the World State, that will check the procreation of the base and servile types, the merciful obliteration of weak and silly and pointless things…The men of the New Republic will not be squeamish…”


“Only after a second century has passed will a world state be established with a common language and a common rule. All over the world its standards, its laws, and its apparatus of control will run. Efficient citizenship is open to all, white, red, yellow, black or brown with efficiency being the test. If the Jew has a curable tendency to social parasitism, we shall abolish the Jew. And for the rest, those swarms of black, and brown, and dirty white people will have to go, the world is not a charitable institution. It is their portion to die out and disappear. The men of the New Republic will certainly not believe there is any post mortem state of awards and punishment because of his faith in the sanity of God.”


Wells finishes with “For that future the new class of men (professional class) will live and die.”


I think this plan is where the Deep State was headed, but for an unexpected reprieve in 2016. I hope Donald Trump may be who he seems to be, however, even if he is, he can only be an interlude like King Josiah, before these dark forces re-assemble with an evil energy of malevolence, directed toward mankind. To survive the Dystopia being planned for us, the human race must know its real enemy, and that is the Global New World Order.