Freebies? You’re Not That Stupid, Are You?

Freebies? You’re Not That Stupid, Are You?


By Rich Loudenback


“Nothing is more sad than the death of an Illusion.” – Arthur Koestler 1905 to 1983 – Disillusioned Stalinist turned Anti-Tolitarian.

The late, not so great Soviet Union’s citizens experienced a life of guarantees for all the necessities of life, meager as it was:  Education, Home (make that apartment,) Government Job, Medical Care & Retirement (ahem).  Literally everything was decided on and taken care of by government.  Missing, however, was one basic ingredient to make it all work.  Work. Profitable, commerce generating work  Work that would have generated money for taxes had government controls not squashed the environment for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive.   Government magic was an illusion.


What makes America run is vibrant business in the free marketplace of a capitalist system. Commerce creating productivity and its subsequent profit are absolutely necessary for our success as a nation. Government bureaucracies are devoid of competitive spirit and accountability and live in a world of largesse.


Have you been noticing that our money is going away from too much spending for un-Constitutional purposes? Accountably, balancing budgets must reign!  ARE WE DEVELOPING ILLUSIONS?


America’s one BIG thing is FREEDOM.  And true freedom is pure capitalism.  Capitalism is the freedom to win at starting a business or investment and cannot and must not provide ‘subsidized’ guarantees for those who attain less.  Failure is a lesson learned well and one moves on, strengthened from the experience.  One can strive to achieve all he wants or adjust to what levels of accomplishment he attains.  See: America: What We Are About


Our sage founders did not envision that our government would create and run or regulate large programs to provide safety nets for the poor, or programs for banking, education, labor, medicine, housing, subsidies, certainly not benefits for illegal aliens, granting a national ID and a seemingly endless amount of other endeavors that should belong untouched in the states and the private sector. None of these things were contemplated by our Founders as legitimate aspects of federal authority, and nowhere in the Constitution can one find any legal authorization for the U.S. Government to involve itself in such matters.


Through the decades our nation has forgotten the wisdom of our Founders and rushed headlong toward a welfare state. We are half way to socialism already and that is our problem.  Well, that and dirty elected representatives on the take in both parties.


Businesses creating commerce, accountably making a profit and providing jobs are the root sources of all governments’ funding.  Un-Constitutional do-good programs and the cost of funding un-Constitutional bureaus, agencies, their staffing and the seemingly unlimited number of ‘do-good’ programs they generate are at the root of our problems. Heard of states’ rights?  Get to know and love Amendment 10 and it’s servant: nullificationSee:


America’s dream come true would be for all Americans to understand what we are about and set ourselves on a course to eliminate by nullifying all un-Constitutional matters especially replacing elected representatives who vote agains our Constitution..


Freebies are one of the insanities of liberalism, currently being finally acknowledged for what it really is, socialism.  And socialism cannot ever be successful at anytime, anywhere.  Because it only takes and produces nothing.  Not a damn thing!


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