JBS Celebrates Growth in the Inland NW with A Clinic on the Conspiracy: ‘No Borders No Nation’

JBS Celebrates Growth in the Inland NW with A Clinic on the Conspiracy: ‘No Borders No Nation’


By Rich Loudenback


The John Birch Society (JBS) celebrated its momentous growth in the Inland Northwest by holding a special Executive Council Dinner in Coeur d’Alene at the Coeur d’Alene Inn on Friday April 26th.

After proudly acknowledging the society’s reaching the milestone of its 60th year, and thanking those present who created the large growth in the Inland Northwest area, John Birch Society’s CEO Art Thompson, introduced the event’s MC, Washington State Representative Matt Shea.

Shea opened with the comment that Marxists’ heads might be exploding with Matt Shea and the John Birch Society in one building, apparently the world’s going to change. “And it is going to change, isn’t it? So Seattle is Dying and the John Birch Society is growing.  I’d say that’s a pretty good year already.

“It’s interesting that a British publication came out on Patriots’ Day to attack a person of Irish descent. I felt that that was sort of symbolic of the battle that we’re in. I will end with this comment and idea. They’re not going to stop.  And the greatest obstacle to them achieving their Marxist goals in America is The John Birch Society. It’s the most effective organization fighting them and it has been attacked for decades and not one time waivered.”

After dinner Shea introduced the keynote speaker who he called a very good friend of his, who joined the staff of the John Birch Society in 1976 as a researcher. He said he is a person who throughout his career, no matter what has happened, has never quit, has never given up, became a tenacious investigator and now today, Shea says he thinks he’s probably the best journalist in America having exposed the global warming hoax, the Deep State and everything in between which is usually socialism red in color even though it has green on the outside.  Shea praised his ability to take complex issues and simplify them so more folks can understand them. Shea then handed the microphone to Senior Editor to The New American magazine, William F Jasper.  Jasper gave a presentation titled ‘No Borders No Nation.’

 One of the Best Journalist in America

Jasper began by stating that frequently is the case at events such as this that we must note at the outset that there is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that it seems we’ve been a little tough on one Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and that we owe her a round of apologies. He said ‘We’ve given her a hard time about her hundred trillion dollar Green New Deal. But wouldn’t you know, the millennial, bartender, socialist, Wonder Woman has proved us wrong. Because the good news is that she has discovered what all science has been evaded on, the heaviest element yet known to science.

The New Element: Governmentium

“She has discovered a new element. It’s called Governmentium, symbol GV. Governmentium has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving us an atomic waste of 312.  These 312 particles are held together by thousands of morons and surrounded by an unlimited ever-changing number of peons.

“This Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert. However it can be detected because it impedes every action with which it comes into contact.  A tiny amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second to take from four days to four years to complete.

“Governmentium as a normal half-life of 2 to 6 years, it does not decay but instead undergoes reorganization which every portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons change places. In fact Governmentium’s mass will actually increase over time since each reorganization will cause morons to become neutrons or even isodopes. Each characteristic of morons’ promotions lead some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever and wherever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass. However when catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratiium, symbol AD. An onus that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium with half as many peons but twice as many morons.

“So, we do apologize to Representative AOC. However, at the close of our presentation tonight we all know that besides her Green New Deal, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is also leading the battle for no borders and no nation. She is a member of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA). One of their slogans, you can find on their website, on their Facebook page, in their videos and in their demonstrations on YouTube is ‘No borders, no walls, sanctuary for all’ ‘No ban. No Wall. No Borders at all.’

“And we see that they have taken up and others are taken up their cry all across the country.  ‘No Borders, No Nation, Stop Deportation.’”

The Pressure from Below


Jasper showed several slides showing large anarchist rallies with signs and banners for ‘No Borders, No Nations;’ ‘Abolish Ice – Abolish Profit;’ ‘No Borders, No Nations and No Gods, No Masters;’ ‘No One Is Illegal; No Borders, No Nations, Just People;’ ‘Abolish Borders, Abolish Prisons, Abolish Ice Now’ and a slide of a video for ‘The No Borders, No Nations Festival’ in Bern, Switzerland last year.  He stressed the point that the Democratic Socialist are promoting all this and that it used to be that only the Communist Party USA or the Revolutionary Communist Party was promoting this.

 He said what normally would have been considered absolutely insane a few years ago and no mainstream politician would have embraced has all of a sudden become acceptable with many of the political bosses. So we now have many of the major candidates embracing no borders, abolish ICE and no nation.

“We see that with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras, that means People Without Borders, they are the ones, the main group organizing the caravans, so-called, of migrants coming here to violate our laws and charge across the border. The ones that are organizing this are located in Mexico. What we are seeing here, and I will come back to this again and again, is pressure from above and pressure from below.

“What you have been seeing in the streets with all the people that are calling for ‘no borders no nations’ is the pressure from below. The pressure from above is coming from several levels.”  He mentioned four women in Congress, Sen. Kamala Harris, Rep. Ocasio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar are being celebrated because these are the women that are going to pass the laws that the people at the bottom are demanding to allow more and more people to come in and stop deportations.  They represent the pressure from above in Congress.

Jasper continues, “However, there is another pressure from above, far above them. I’m going to go into some of the details about those actually providing pressure from above in the media, academia think tanks and when it comes to funding the pressure from below.

The Pressure from Above

“Strobe Talbott represents the elites who are pushing for the same thing: no borders, no nation. He wrote a very important essay called ‘The Birth of the Global Nation’  in Time magazine in 1992 where he said ‘nationhood as we know it will be obsolete, all states will recognize a single global authority.’ He said, ‘We will no longer have national borders or national sovereignty.’  He’s important because as we’ll go into in detail, he is President of the Brookings Institution, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a college pal and roommate of Bill Clinton’s, later an advisor to him and Hillary Clinton, a top adviser to George Soros and is one of the leading members of the CFR on all issues international.

“The late Robert Bartley was for 30 years the editor for the Wall Street Journal and represented the elites of Wall Street. He wrote a number of very important essays calling for the end of the nation-state.  ‘He said the nation-state is finished’  ‘There shall be open borders.’  In fact he proposed a Constitutional Amendment to our Constitution that would say ‘There shall be open borders.’   So what’s going on here?

Another man who you see on television quite a bit says ‘State sovereignty must be altered in a globalized era.’ He is Richard Haas who is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations and is pictured here while speaking at the World Economic Forum. He represents the epitome of the globalist who are pushing to end borders, international sovereignty and promote the free movement of people without any sovereign control.

“That has been exposed very thoroughly in James Perloff’s book ‘Shadows of Power’ and now has been updated and expanded upon in Art Thompson’s new book ‘In the Shadows of the Deep State’.

“So we see all these various people that we referred to as globalist pushing the same agenda of open borders, no borders, destroying our ability to have sovereign control over our borders and control immigration. And of course, they are working with the United Nations. The United Nations’ Global Compact For Migration For Safe, Orderly And Regular Migration just passed by the United Nations last July in Morocco. Fortunately President Donald Trump refused to send anyone there and refused to sign on to it. About a dozen countries have refused to join in it.

“The man that was in charge there at the time was Antonio Gutierrez the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the architect of the destruction of Europe. So how is he rewarded for the destruction which he brought on Europe with all the vast migration crises there?

“Well, he’s now General Secretary of the United Nations. They promoted him to run the United Nations. So you see all these events are pushing toward an end of national sovereignty and a push toward world government. Which is what the John Birch Society and The New American (TNA) have been, as the voice in the wilderness for the last 60 years, warning about.

“Many of the other conservatives have said you people are too much about world government which is not going to ever happen.  Well, we’ve been reporting in The New American on the annual World Government Summit. Our last report on this was in our issue dated February 10th, 2019.  Did you read anything about it or


see anything on television?  I can almost assure you, you didn’t.  About the only place you would have seen anything would be at The New American, we have videos there on it.

“After denying for decades that they’re trying to build a world government, they’ve now come out in the open. Right at the same time they’re trying to destroy national sovereignty and one of the most important parts of it is being able to control one’s borders.

“Before we get into all that, there are some very important terminology things that we need to become aware of and adopt because language rhetoric is vitally important. If we adopt the rhetoric of our enemies we end up defeating ourselves.

Terminology Is Most Important

“Migration is not immigration. These are rather simple terms but they are very profound. Migrants are not immigrants. Migration is not a right. Immigration is not a right. We have to be clear about this when we’re talking with our friends or are having a debate. We’re not opposed to immigration, I’m not, per se. We believe in immigration.  Immigration is when, as exercised by every country, someone comes in legally under the terms which the nation they’re trying to enter allows them into the country to take up residence and to become citizens.  Just as each of us here, I assume, have doors on our homes and we determine who’s going to come into our homes. Even Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, all those that are saying we have to open up our doors to the country. They have doors in their homes and gates and guards and big mansions and they’re not opening their doors to all the people they are saying we should let it.

“Opposing migration does not make one anti-immigrant. In all the media whenever anybody objects to all the caravans coming, they refer to them as anti-immigrant. Migrants are not immigrants. Supporting reasonable immigration restrictions does not make one anti-immigrant. Supporting reasonable immigration restrictions does not make one racist or xenophobic. It’s very basic, but apparently many of those in the chattering classes can’t grasp it.”

He then mentioned a recent video featuring The New American’s Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman interviewing a woman who leads ‘Legal Immigrants for America.’  She is a Nicaraguan who came here 30 years ago. She explains all the vetting they had to go through and all the health checks she and her family had to undergo. She said that all who are legal immigrants want to see it be done like they did. Jasper said she made clear that she’s not opposed to having more immigrants coming here, but migrants are not immigrants. The video is ‘Illegal Immigration Threatens Our Future.’


Jasper stated, “Exercising judicious control for one’s borders is an essential feature of sovereignty. Exercising judicious control over one’s borders is essential to national survival. Failure to control one’s borders is a guarantee of national suicide. Open borders progressives and globalist intend to suicide us. If I had time I can go through all their own quotes about how they really do believe that they’re going to transform and change and kill this country as a constitutional republic.

“But here we have to then be firm with many of our conservative friends who seem to catch part of the picture and that is that border walls will ultimately fail if we give up our sovereignty. We can’t just go build walls and expect that’s going to do everything we need. Walls and barriers serve a purpose and we do need them in various places and not just on the southern border. Like around Idaho… (drawing laughter).

“The United States, Mexico and Canada (USMCA) pact is a direct attack on our sovereignty. If we allow it to be passed, The John Birch Society and The New American seem to be not standing alone but we are the preeminent ones.  Too many of the other conservatives think that it’s a great thing and even President Trump is all behind it at this point. And so this is where we part company with so many other people that don’t see the whole picture. You have to recognize without going into great detail on the USMCA, the so-called replacement for NAFTA, is that we will lose control of our own sovereignty if that is set up and eventually it will be like the European Union.  They will dictate an international commission who will be able to come in with the free movement of people and we will wind up in the same predicament as the European Union.

“That’s why we have been in the forefront of opposing the USMCA. We were opposed to it as NAFTA under President Clinton, we opposed it under the Bushes and the same thing with many of these other trade pacts like the TPP (The Transpacific Partnership). Too many Republicans and conservatives think it’s okay for the Republicans to promote this.

“That’s where we stand on principle, and that’s why we are the premier opponents of it right now. Again it gets back to this important principle of pressure from above and pressure from below.

“So when you see all the demonstrators out there in the streets causing all the havoc, they’re very well organized all across the country and all across the world.  On certain days where you have hundreds of demonstrations with tens of thousands, then you start looking at whose financing this and you’ll see that there’s a tremendous amount of organization there and there are some very wealthy and powerful people that are financing all of this.

The Funders

Chicago-based groups, part of the Acorn Group and La Familia Latina Unida -the United Latin family (Chicago).  They also work with Centro Sin Fronteras (Chicago), the National lawyers Guild (Communist front), the ACLU, the Ford foundation which has been the foremost funder of all the leftist immigration groups, and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (HCR).

“In fact, as a number of news reports have pointed out, the caravans coming through Mexico have every step of the way been assisted by the United Nations HCR and the number of other UN agencies.

“So in The New American every day, we have new stories in there about this.  The crisis on the border is very real. It’s a crisis and it’s unsustainable both to the heads of ICE and CPPP. The border is virtually wide open and in 90 days DHS loses 100,000 illegals released on unsuspecting Americans.”

TNA’s In Depth & In the Field Reporting


Jasper then read some New American recent headlines: ’Border Patrol: Caravan-like Numbers Hitting Border Every Week; Last Week, 1,766 Caught in One Day;’  ‘Illegal Alien Invasion Crisis Not Just At The Border;’  ‘CBP Besieged; 100,000 Illegals Hit Border In March; FY 2019 Total Tops 400,000;’Overwhelmed By Illegal Migrant Drop-offs, Las Cruces Appeals For Donations;’ ‘Catch and Release Floods Yuma with Migrants; Mayor Declares Emergency;’Mexican Soldiers Stop And Disarm US Troops On US Side Of Border;’ ‘Caught At The Border: A Murderer Deported Three Times, Another Three Timer, And A Girl With The Measles;’ and ‘Gallup; 5M Illegals Headed for US Within the Year; 42 M Want to Come.’  He pointed out that you’re not getting this news in the big media because they’re part of the problem.

He then recounted how while living in Southern California in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s he spent a lot of time down on the border actually having walked sections of it several times.  He is one of the few journalists who has spanned the entire border with a number of different film crews and other times by himself. He put out a ground breaking video in 1988 titled ‘Out Of Control’ – The Immigration Invasion which one might believe was just produced recently.  That was 27 years ago and it was a crisis then!  He said Americans couldn’t quite fathom that because they weren’t seeing it every day and a lot of it is still invisible today. You don’t see it in your daily life, particularly here. That video is a must see.

“Our country is being changed deliberately,” Jasper said. “The New American goes into depth explaining who is providing the pressure from above and who is providing the pressure from below.

“We’re rapidly coming to a point where if we don’t get a handle on this migration crisis we’re going to see a tsunami.”

He reported the results of a recent Gallup poll stating that 42 million Latin Americans want to migrate to the United States and 5 million say they intended to do so within the next 12 months. He pointed out that you haven’t heard that from most of the media out there, they’re not telling you about it. And Gallup is a big poll and a liberal left establishment poll.

Jasper reminded everyone that the European migration crisis is now in its third phase, they’ve already had two major migrations and this third one is just now coming into the news.

He continues, “As we wrote in this article, ‘The Refugee Crisis Using Chaos to Build Power,’ the leaders of the European Union specifically have used this to destroy nationalism and the remaining Christian civilization of Europe. The final word hasn’t been written on that yet but ladies and gentlemen it does look very dire. I used to go to Europe quite a bit, I haven’t been there in a while.  It’s getting worse there every day I’m told by people I keep in contact with on Skype on a regular basis, journalists relatives etc.

”Antonio Guterres at the United Nations is the man most responsible for helping carry that out. And he helped set this up through the Office of Refugee Resettlement under Obama to bring refugees to centers all over the United States. We wrote about all that extensively as well.

“I just mentioned the Gallup poll identifies about 42 million from Latin America, but two years before, they did a global poll and 140 million people from around the world said they intend to come here. They will be going to Mexico and Canada first as a way to get here. We are going to be besieged the same way as Europe is. Now  these caravans in Mexico are going to continue growing. How do we know that? Because in Mexico now, we have the new Marxist president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador known as AMLO, who has been facilitating, even though he made rhetoric in response to President Trump that he is going to cut down all the caravans, he has actually increased the number of visas he’s giving to people.

“When they come from Latin America up into Mexico, if they’re given a visa then local authorities and federal authorities can’t do anything to them, basically giving them a free passage.

“Bloomberg reported just last week ‘Mexico’s Bloodshed Surges in First Months of Obrador’s Presidency.’ The violence has gotten worse, so we can expect that were going to see some large numbers coming here. In fact, we don’t really even know if the official figures we have been given and reported on the last couple of decades are anywhere near to being accurate. The official figures that you are most often going to see are that there are 11.2 million illegal aliens here in the United States.

UN/Globalists’ Migration Push and Deceptive Numbers

“When I did my video documentary 27 years ago that’s the number they were giving back then. One of the most recent studies done by PLOS One, which is a very reputable establishment scientific peer reviewed journal, a public library of science Journal, reported last September, ‘Our conservative estimate is 16.7 million for 2016, nearly 50% higher than the most prominent current estimate of 11.3 million, which is based on survey data and thus different sources and methods. The mean estimate based on our simulation analysis is 22.1 million, essentially double the current widely accepted estimate.”

“Now I don’t know whether PLOS One’s estimate is accurate or whether the 11.3 estimate is accurate, but it shows the very serious problem that we have even if it’s somewhere in between there, if it’s at 16.7 million.  That’s a huge number and it has huge implications.

“The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is important because for the first time the United Nations has established on a global basis the first right to migration. They’ve been pushing this for a long time, all of the leftist circles and all of the establishment globalist circles. Migration not immigration.

“I have here just a of couple excerpts from it:  • Objective 23 of the Global Compact which the United States didn’t sign, but a future government of the United States could, and then bring us within that ambit. • Objective 23 says strengthen international cooperation and global partnership for safe orderly and regular migration. And then he goes on to say, ‘We also commit to promote the mutually reinforcing nature between the global compact and existing international legal and policy framework by aligning the implementation of this global compact with such framework particularly the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development as well as the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, and their recognition that migration and sustainable development are multidimensional and interdependent.

The Migration Policy Institute and Its Deep Pocket Funders

“It goes on to provide many more promises of migration rights. Again, when we look at this we see the pressure from below and the pressure from above. We have all the activist groups at the street level, all the migrant groups pushing for this, but then we have all these high-powered groups such as the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) which was started by Doris Meissner.  She was the head of immigration in the Clinton administration. She went on from there to found the Migration Policy Institute at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the former alma mater of Alger Hiss, the communist who was the first head the United Nations in San Francisco. She also is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

“The funders for MPI:  This is where we find out who is really calling the shots, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, The European Commission (they’re actually taking money from European taxpayers), The Ford Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of Canada, the Government of Mexico, Open Society Foundation (Soros), the Rockefeller Foundation and the US Chamber of Commerce. If you’re a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, you should be protesting to your state and national boards. And of course, George Soros is one of the earliest and still one of the largest contributors to the Migration Policy Institute.

“The MPI is just one of dozens of organizations like that which are promoting this. Again, they all could not survive, they could not do all of what they are doing which entails combining hundreds of professors and PhD’s and full-time activists working on these things without money. Again we have Wall Street represented, just one of many examples, repeating the late Robert Bartley of the Wall Street Journal who is quoted as saying, ‘The nation-state is finished.’  ‘There shall be open borders.’

More UN/CFR’s Puppet Influencers

“Another very important man most Americans have never heard of unless they read the Financial Times, which is a very important one, a lot of movers and shakers say that’s one of the most important financial publications in the world, this and The Economist, both coming out of London.  Gideon Rachman is a regular opinionator, writer for them, a regular attendee at the Bilderberg meetings, and Chatham House, the British counterpart for the Council on Foreign Relations.

“In a Rachman op-ed titled ‘And Now for a World Government:’  ‘I have never believed that there is a secret United Nations plot to take over the US. I have never seen black helicopters hovering in the sky above Montana. But, for the first time in my life, I think the formation of some kind of world government is plausible. So it seems everything is in place. For the first time since Homo sapiens began to doodle on cave walls, there is an argument, an opportunity and a means to make serious steps towards a world government. The financial crisis and climate change are pushing national governments towards global solutions which will lead toward world government even in countries such as China and the US that are traditionally fierce guardians of national sovereignty.

“In the course on the Financial Times website they state ‘Be a global citizen. Become an FT subscriber.’ That’s what you see with all these globalists, they may be Americans citizens, but they don’t consider themselves Americans. America to them is post America. It’s no longer the America of our founding fathers, it’s no longer a Christian nation. It’s post-Christian, post America headed to a new world order.

“This is where we come back to Strobe Talbott, and I’ll go back to him in a little bit of detail. He’s one of the hundreds that we could select who plays a very important role for this particular case. This is the essay for Time magazine which he worked for for many years, ‘The Birth of the Global Nation,’ in which he said nationhood as we know it will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority.’ The Federalist Association gave him a big award for this. He goes on to say, ‘Nationhood will become obsolete, it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible century to clinch the case for world government. Perhaps national sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.

“Strobe Talbott was Bill Clinton’s pal and roommate at Oxford, they were both scholars together and then went to Moscow, Russia together. He later became Bill Clinton’s Ambassador At Large. He was the one in charge of a lot of the negotiations in Yugoslavia that caused all the havoc and murder there.

“He was Hillary Clinton’s advisor, George Soros advisor, President of the Brookings Institution, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Federalist Association. And as the Los Angeles Times said ‘Strobe Talbott Leads for One World.’

“One thing you won’t see mentioned from most of the media is that a few years ago a book by Pete Earley, a Washington Post investigative reporter, came out titled ‘CONRAD J the Untold Secrets of Russia’s Master Spy In America After The End Of The Cold War.’  It was about Sergei Tretyakov a Soviet KGB/SVR defector. He was one of the very important ones in most recent years. He identified Strobe Talbott as a Soviet agent. When he was in Russia many years ago in the 1970s and 80s he was a Russian agent back then and he still is. He worked for Time magazine, he was the translator of Khrushchev’s memoirs and

wrote the forward to, ‘Khrushchev Remembered.’ He was a KGB comrade, we reported on this aspect of him long before Tretyakov came forward. Because he was working with a Russian Soviet KGB agent by the name of Victor Louis who was a so-called journalist who was one of the most important KGB disinformation agents in the United States.  He worked for CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Particularly during the Vietnam War he was feeding all kinds of disinformation to the American media. He was one of our top enemies in the media and he was Strobe Talbott’s dear comrade.

“Strobe Talbott recently stepped down as president of the Brookings Institution and remains an active member. In May 2016 on the Brookings Institution’s website they were telegraphing a new emphasis titled ‘Order from Chaos.’ They are in favor of rethinking the refugee thing here and bringing about chaos to help bring about a different kind of order. For those who know how to read between the lines and know the background on this, they’re seeing an awful lot here. Strobe Talbott and his other CFR members who cooperate with the communist are really at the pinnacle of this whole operation ‘pressure from above, pressure from below.’

“World Beyond Borders is yet another organization driven toward internationalism. It was co-founded by a professor at UCLA and she thinks that it’s an exciting idea to have world government. She states, ‘My generation of people in their teens and 20s has grown up with an implicit internationalism. We’ve grown up as internationalist and we believe in world government.’ And she is a curriculum developer. She believes the way she does because, as we pointed out decades ago, the educational establishment and United States has been totally taken over, particularly at the college level, and even at most of the high school and grade school levels. And they are turning out and indoctrinating the young people in that regard.

“Again, when you go back to see who is actually behind each of these things it’s just like the trail you see that leads to the slugs in your garden, it almost always goes back to the Council on Foreign Relations and in their various think tanks and foundations that they control.

“So we see Antonio Guterres, head of the UN, former head of the Refugees Agency there in this video of him at the Council on Foreign Relations.   They are promoting him, he’s promoting them, but you won’t read about any of that in the New York Times.  One of the greatest services that President Trump did was use his famous tweets heard round the world.  The fake news media, the failing New York Times, NBC news, ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC are not my enemies they are the enemies of the American people. And of course, all the media came down on him claiming he was against the First Amendment, that he was trying to censor the media and he was against the media.

“He made it very clear in an interview with Ainsley Earhardt when she asked him on Fox News, ‘Is the press the enemy of the people?’  President Trump answered, ‘No, not at all, but the fake news is and the fake news is comprised of a lot, it’s a big chunk.’  Somebody asked what’s the chunk? Trump said, ‘80%.  It’s a lot.  It’s a lot, and who can really dispute that. They really are the enemy of the American people.’”

The Cloward-Piven Strategy

“So you won’t see in any of the fake news media any discussion of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, which is a big part of this whole thing that we are watching here on migration immigration. Many of you are familiar with that because we’ve written about that and we’ve talked about that. These are two of the hard-core Marxist socialist who have put together this strategy which has been used now for the last four or five decades. The Cloward-Piven Strategy was brought forward in an essay they wrote for The Nation Magazine, our country’s oldest socialist publication.  The Weight of the Poor – A Strategy to End Poverty published in May of 1966.

“Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were professors at Columbia University.  You can still see her all the time on almost every leftist program. Their thesis boiled down to this: one get as many people onto welfare and all of the different government programs so that you collapse the system economically and force us to go into socialism. The whole purpose is to collapse the capitalist system and end up with a socialist system controlled by the top elitists.

“There is a problem that they have found, even after all these years of doing this.  A Harvard Harris poll last June found that the vast majority of voters of all stripes are still opposed to abolishing ICE.  Swing Voters 73%, Independents 73%, Democrats 59%, 78% of Republicans are opposed to getting rid of it, 63% of Blacks, even 50% of Hispanic, 68% of Men, 70% of Women, even Hillary Clinton Voters 59%.

“Then when you go over to the voters that want stricter immigration control it turns out that most voters do.  70% of Voters Overall, Independents 69%, Democrats 51%, Republicans 92%, Blacks 53%, Hispanics 51%, Men 72%, and Women 68%. Again, this is the Harvard Harris Poll, this is very much an establishment media poll.

“This caused some problems for the Cloward Piven strategists and the pressure from above and the pressure from below. With all the propaganda, Americans still are not going for it. So what do they do? They replace the voters. That’s why there is the big push to destroy our borders and bring in voters who will vote all of this in.

“They are going to empower all of them, keep suing, stop any efforts by the President and they are using Congress and the state legislatures in a strategy that was put forward by communist strategist Jan Kozak in a book titled ‘…and not a shot is fired’ and is published by The John Birch Society.  But it was actually written by a communist strategist in the 1940’s under the original title ‘How Parliament Can Play ‘A Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism.’ Without firing a shot we get our people into Congress, we get the massive down below organized, and we keep pushing further and further to the left with our scissors strategy using pressure from above and pressure from below. And that is what they’re doing right now in Congress and that is what the media is helping them do all across the country, especially in Washington DC.  But, they’re actually implementing this at the state level and the city and County level because they have all that funding and all of those groups.

“So, that is what were arrayed against. But as I showed earlier, the American people are still mostly on our side and these last couple of years have energized a lot of people to realize that, ‘Hey, we’re in a very dire situation here, we have very dangerous people controlling many of our parts of government, we have liars controlling all of the major media and people are asking questions and wanting answers.

“Now is the time for us to really move ahead in ways that we have never done before. If you haven’t been involved in this fight over the last 30 to 40 years you been missing the boat and you’ve been part of the problem. In all of your friends and relatives who fit into those categories are part of the problem as well.

“They want what is right for America, and all that is good that has given us all the prosperity and all the rights and freedom we have. They have to fight for it. Ladies and gentlemen we have to fight!  This is coming down to a very serious time. Those folks mean business, they intend to flood the country. They don’t care about those migrants that they are bringing here. Many reports we’ve given show that many of the migrants have been totally exploited and are angry that they were promised all these things by the organizers of these caravans. They were told that it was going to be easy, they’d get rides, they’d have jobs and they have all this help.  It was a lie.  They are encouraging all these people to take these dangerous journeys and they are exploiting them.  They then intend to foist upon us and exploit us.  There will be no thing that you’ll recognize of America left if they are successful. That means we’ve got to fight.

“ The John Birch Society has been saying for many years that Congress is the key. Do you think our enemies know that? Why did you think they focused so much last year on midterm elections? That’s why they worked and pulled all kinds of illegal activities and really push to get Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar and all the rest of them elected. So we have some big work cut out for us.  There are many things that the John Birch Society has been doing for years, still doing while coming up with new efforts and new means using the various technologies and what not. One of the things that’s very important a special feature in our New American print magazine and our online New American.

“You can go to our New American online and go to our Freedom Index to find out how your representative is voting. All of the key votes for your representative and your senators.  You get what their percentage of their voting score is on constitutional issues. And the Birch Society gives you directions every month in our Monthly Bulletin (if you’re a member) and online what you can do to contact your representative and senators to keep them in line, not just in your home state, but also what’s happening around the country.

“It gives you a description of each important bill, how they voted on it, how much it’s going to cost, and what it means to your freedom. Because what we have been facing for so long is that too many of our friends just vote a straight Republican line or a straight Democrat line. They don’t realize that, most of the time when everybody’s hissing at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Jerrold Nadler it’s the Republicans who are often backstabbing us the most.

“Here we have two years with the White House the House of Representatives and the Senate in Republican hands.  How did we manage to fritter that away? Well, we had Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in charge of things. They made sure that we didn’t see any of the real important things get through. And right now, it is the Republican leadership that is pushing most for the USMCA even while they proclaim that they are in favor of getting control of our borders.

“We need more folks that are really ready to wake up, getting out there waking up your fellow citizens and showing them what can be done and what is being done locally.  We have very active local chapters here in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Colville and the surrounding area.  If you live anywhere in these areas please get in touch with them or inquire how to reach them by contacting our area coordinator Caleb Collier at 509 999-0479 or email him at ccollier@jbs.org.

“We have to work now because we don’t have a lot of time before the next election and the vote comes up on the USMCA. All these things are critical.  The Birch Society is so important I believe, that’s why I stayed in the fight all these decades, because as Thoreau said there are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. The Birch Society always goes for the root not just always going at the different branches. Who is making this happen and how can we stop it? And unfortunately most of the rest of the media is afraid to talk about who is really making things happen.

“That’s why the book In the Shadows of the Deep State of Art Thompson’s is very important. Because it goes into who is making it happen and what is their game plan.

“We have a lot to do and I am excited to be in the fight after all these years and doing it here in my home state. I know that I have colleagues and fellow patriots all over the country doing the same thing.  As bad as things look, there is a great awakening taking place. We don’t know whether it’s enough of an awakening, whether it’s coming soon enough or strong enough, only God knows. But if we fight, and study, and fight and pray, God will honor that. And we will have the gracious need to do what we can do in our time. Thank you and God bless.”

Matt Shea On Some Local Relevance

MC, Matt Shea presented some additional pointed remarks to cap off the evening: “Look what’s happening in Washington State right now. They are institutionalizing pornography when you have to have a demonstration of your knowledge for 14-year-olds of sodomy. I want you to think about that, I’m sorry for being so graphic, but think about that for a second. That wasn’t even in conversation 10 years ago, that was something that never happened.

“How about trying to take our guns? Did you know they passed Extreme Risk Protection Order Laws in Washington State right now so that every protection order now will be treated like an Extreme Protection Order?  That means your neighbor can call and they will have to confiscate your firearms. Do you also know that if the police get a call to your house now in Washington state, that if one person in that household says please take all the guns, even if the guns had no nexus to the reason for which the police were called, even if they don’t own the guns, law enforcement must seize them.

“You think about that. Last night in the dead of night, they rolled out another gas tax package. Talk about raising taxes in Washington state… 4 ½ billion dollars. B & O tax increase and a property tax increase and there is going to be about a 70 to 75 cent difference per gallon of gasoline between Idaho and Washington State gas prices by the time this is done.

“We’re talking about private property rights now, being effectively being eliminated in Washington State by giving the Department of Ecology, not just more money, but massive authority and ignoring some of the water rights reforms that we passed the last couple of years.

“I don’t want to give a big doom and gloom thing but that’s the reality of what he’s talking about because all of this is an attempt to erode our country, erode our states one little bite at a time. And to say that ‘We’re not a Christian nation,’ ‘There is no Judeo-Christian foundation,’ you heard what they said, ‘There are no gods.’ Well there is a God.

“I think that God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose son is Jesus Christ, I thank him for what he’s given us in our country. This is the last chance for the world, understand that. Understand that. I was in Ethiopia in November in Addis Ababa.  They are talking about us being the last chance and there is no other place to run. They said, ‘We are praying for you. ‘Where are we going to go?’  There is no place to go.

We need to make our stand here and that’s what the John Birch Society is doing. We are saying ‘Yes, we are a Christian nation. Yes, we have Judeo-Christian foundations. Yes we believe in a Republic. Yes we believe in freedom. Yes we believe in less government, more responsibility, and with God’s help a better world.’”


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