Did CIA Technology Change the Election Results?

Did CIA Technology Change the Election Results?


Former Air Force General Thomas McInerney and others are claiming that a CIA computer program called Hammer/Scorecard was used to steal the 2020 presidential election.


By William F. Jasper


Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney (United States Air Force, retired) flew 407 combat missions in Vietnam. Now, at the age of 83, he is leading one aspect of the fight to expose and oppose the stealing of America’s 2020 presidential election. Far more important, says the general, than the many egregious election fraud examples that have been in the news — dead voters, mail-in ballots, “lost” ballots, dumped ballots, illegally blocking election monitors, etc. — is the real mechanism that was used to steal votes from President Trump and give them to Joe Biden. That mechanism, General McInerney says, is a CIA supercomputer system known as The Hammer and its election-controlling software application called Scorecard.


In a video interview with The New American on November 10, one week after the election, General McInerney warned that if this criminal and treasonous violation of our laws and the Constitution is not thoroughly exposed and Joe Biden is installed in the White House, “We will never have another free election in America.” (The interview can be viewed at thenewamerican.com) The Hammer/Scorecard program succeeded in switching millions of votes in a number of key battleground states, the general charges, and has demonstrated that it can be used to throw an election by changing the vote counts after they have been tabulated and are being electronically transmitted. This is big news from a credible source — backed up by technical analysis from top-level intelligence experts. But it has been almost totally blacked out by the Fake News censors and their Big Tech allies controlling the search engines and social-media platforms.


On November 7,  General McInerney appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room radio/video program, one of the few shows with significant national reach that have sounded the warning on the Hammer/Scorecard Biden steal. In an interview with Fox’s Lou Dobbs on November 8, Sidney Powell, one of President Trump’s lead attorneys, explained to viewers that the vote-flipping by the Hammer/Scorecard program was one of the matters on which the Trump campaign lawsuits have focused. Mentioning the programs by name, Powell stated she was glad to hear that the Department of Justice is investigating the voting fraud because there are “any number of things they need to investigate, including the likelihood that three percent of the vote total was changed in the preelection voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called Scorecard that would have amounted to a massive change in the vote that would have gone across the country and explains a lot of what we are seeing.”


Powell, who is a former federal prosecutor and the celebrated “super lawyer” defending General Michael Flynn, appeared the following day on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo. Oddly, during that appearance Powell did not mention Scorecard or Hammer, although she did mention that votes were being changed by computer. General McInerney explains that discrepancy: Bartiromo had instructed Powell that she could not mention Hammer/Scorecard on the program. McInerney, who was an expert military commentator on Fox News for sixteen-and-a-half  years, says this type of censorship at Fox is another alarming development at the cable company, coupled with Fox’s early calls for Biden in Arizona and Virginia. In all his years at Fox, he says, he had never seen or heard of anyone telling a guest what they could or couldn’t say.


During a return appearance on Bartiromo’s Fox program on November 11, Sidney Powell again addressed the computer vote-flipping “irregularities,” in which identical blocks of votes (for Biden) appeared multiple times. These “statistical anomalies,” she said, “show it was statistically impossible for this election to come out the way it did. It’s just mathematically impossible.” “We have evidence,” Powell said, “of the same number of ballots or same number of votes being injected into the Wisconsin system and into the Michigan system three different times.”


Dominion Voting Systems


Bartiromo asked Powell if she was referring to Dominion Voting Systems, the major Canadian voter services company that provides voting machines and software to many U.S. counties and states. The infamous “glitch” in Antrim County, Michigan, that caused 5,000 to 6,000 votes to flip, brought national focus on problems associated with the Dominion systems. “We are still investigating all of that and connecting the dots,” Powell stated. “There is a substantial problem with the Dominion Systems because Texas even refused three different times to accept and adopt those systems because they have inherent defects. One of our theories is that those defects were built in for a reason. There is Chinese software and other components within those systems. And, of course, China has the greatest interest in the world in disrupting this election. I think it is entirely possible that the NSA and the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency that General Flynn used to head, should be conducting their own investigations for national security reasons, because I think it is a high likelihood that China — for the benefit of Joe Biden — … did this election rigging.”



Foreign influence? John Poulos is president and CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, the Canadian company that provided voting machines and software used in dozens of states where vote fraud and “irregularities” are under investigation. (Photo credit: Newscom)


At a televised Washington, D.C. press conference by President Trump’s legal team on November 19, Sidney Powell provided more details concerning vote fraud involving Dominion and Smartmatic, the computer voting system that was developed in Venezuela and used to by dictator Nicolas Maduro to steal the country’s Constitutional Assembly election. Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica testified in 2017 that Maduro used his company’s system to throw the election by digitally adding one million votes for his own party. Now based in London, Smartmatic has disturbing ties to the Obama administration, to Joe Biden — and to George Soros. Peter V. Neffenger, Smartmatic’s chairman, previously served as head of the Transportation Security Administration under President Obama and has been named to Biden’s transition team. An even more troubling connection is Lord Mark Malloch Brown, chairman of the board of SGO Corporation, Ltd., the holding company that owns Smartmatic. A prominent anti-Trump globalist who has held top posts at the World Bank and the United Nations, Lord Brown is also a longtime associate of George Soros, serving as vice president of Soros’ Quantum Fund and vice chairman of Soros Fund Management, to mention only two of his many ties to the left wing billionaire.


As with the Hammer/Scorecard concerns, the controlled media have been quick to dismiss any worries about Dominion Voting Systems, basically adopting the trope, “There’s nothing to see here, move along.” Are there connections between Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatic and Hammer/Scorecard? That appears to be the case, but as we go to press that is still under investigation and the precise connections are unresolved. One thing we can be certain of is that the anti-Trump, pro-Biden globalist media are not going to uncover any of these mysteries for us; they’re too busy celebrating and crowning “president-elect” Joe Biden and “vice president-elect” Kamala Harris. Nevertheless, despite the heavy-handed censorship by Big Media and Big Tech, word of the Hammer/Scorecard election meddling is getting out. Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom (www.DaveJanda.com), who has been a premier promoter of General McInerney, has continued to hammer the Hammer. Also, General McInerney appeared, along with investigative reporter Mary Fanning, on Worldview Radio with host Brannon Howse on November 5. These and additional appearances on a variety of programs have circumvented the blackout and alerted millions of Americans to the existence of the Hammer/Scorecard skullduggery.


Disinformation About Disinformation


Having failed to completely suppress the exposure of their chief election fraud instrument, the Deep State-controlled media have trained their guns on the whistleblowers who are exposing it. An early major salvo came from the online site  The Daily Beast, in a November 9 article entitled “Infamous ‘Hoax’ Artist Behind Trumpworld’s New Voter Fraud Claim.”


Here is the opening line of the story by Will Sommer: “As Donald Trump refuses to concede the election, some of his most loyal allies have become obsessed with a bizarre new conspiracy theory about the race, insisting that Trump only lost the election because a deep-state supercomputer named ‘Hammer’ and a computer program named ‘Scorecard’ were used to change the ballot count.”



Mainstream exposure: Trump attorney Sidney Powell (right) succeeded in a limited exposure of the Hammer/Scorecard program on Fox’s Lou Dobbs Tonight.


The disinformation machine at The Daily Beast claims that it is exposing disinformation while actually disseminating disinformation. That is par for the course. As we have seen for the past four years, Hillary Clinton and her Fake News accomplices have been pointing at President Trump and yelling “Russia, Russia, Russia,” while it is Hillary who has the damning Russia-Russia-Russia connections — both obtaining the fake Steele dossier from a Russian spy and passing U.S. uranium reserves to Russia as secretary of state. Ditto for Joe Biden and his media cohorts who scream “Trump-Ukraine corruption” while covering up the mountains of evidence demonstrating Biden-Ukraine corruption, with Biden covering for multi-million-dollar payoffs by corrupt Ukrainians to Biden, via his son Hunter. In these and similar cases, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have shared starring roles, with their minions still in the “intelligence community” carrying on the perfidy after their chiefs departed from their official capacities to take posts at CNN (Clapper) and NBC/MSNBC (Brennan).


Smearing the Whistleblowers


But, back to The Daily Beast’s story. According to Sommer, “The mythical supercomputer claim has been embraced by prominent Trump backers.” Among those he lists are former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik. “The American Report has claimed that Montgomery invented ‘SCORECARD’ and ‘HAMMER’ for intelligence purposes, an apparent reference to his controversial programs that purported to track al Qaeda,” Sommer writes. “In this telling, … the Obama administration hijacked Montgomery’s software to steal elections. The murky reporting was embraced a few days later by Bannon and McInerney, with Bannon calling [the] news ‘very disturbing’ and praising the site for ‘incredible reporting.’”


Diving Deeper


Sommer and The Daily Beast would have been wiser not to mention The American Report, since they have driven much traffic to that site (theamericanreport.org), where many readers, no doubt, will determine for themselves the reporting there is (in Bannon’s word) “incredible” rather than “murky,” as Sommer puts it. Credit for that goes to the deeply detailed work of The American Report’s writers/researchers Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, who have dogged the Hammer/Scorecard story for several years and have posted numerous articles, along with affidavits, court documents, whistleblower tape recordings, and much more.


Notably, Sommer did not mention the immense trove of documentary evidence that supports Montgomery’s election-stealing charges. Nor did he mention any of the top-level intelligence personnel who are treating this as a deadly serious reality and have publicly warned of the imminent danger it presents — experts such as legendary National Security Agency techies Dr. William Binney, formerly director of the NSA’s World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group, and NSA senior analyst J. Kirk Wiebe, not to mention three-star General McInerney and four-star Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, former commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and deputy chief of naval operations (now deceased).


In a May 25, 2019 interview with the streaming service called SGT Report, Dr. Binney sounded an early and prescient warning. “The Hammer program, as far as I can see, was run by the CIA,” the former NSA technical director stated. “And the point was, that the NSA already had their massive collection on everybody anyway. That was called the Stellar Wind program and it had the tapping points for the upstream collection of everything on the fiber networks. Everything. So they didn’t have to do Hammer because they already had all of the data.” Why set up Hammer then? Because, Binney explains, CIA knew that anytime they went to NSA to get data, their query and the data they received would be recorded. And they definitely didn’t want to leave a trail of their activities, which involved illegal spying on millions of Americans, including especially judges, politicians, and public officials.


In a recent video podcast, Kirk Wiebe explained that “Hammer and the application that works with it called Scorecard is designed to change votes on the fly as they are reported by tallying locations in all precincts and counties — in whatever applies to your state — as totals are reported via the internet.” “The data is grabbed in real time,” he continues, “changed, and then sent on its way. And this happens in microseconds…. The data is changed so quickly, in favor of whatever candidate it’s told to favor, that no one notices the delay and just accepts the total. And this has been going on in numerous states, to include battleground states, during this whole election.”


But what about Dennis Montgomery? Just how credible is he, and how credible is the Hammer/Scorecard thesis? There are still many unknowns in this story and much evidence to check and verify, but writer/researcher Mary Fanning, who has done more digging on this than probably anyone else, points out that there are several easily verifiable key facts that should tell any reasonable person that there is plenty of evidence to challenge the claims that Hammer/Scorecard is merely some Trumpian myth. Among the copious evidence is the fact that former FBI General Counsel James Baker, during his second day of testimony before a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, on October 18, 2018, amended his testimony of the previous day after “remembering” that Montgomery had indeed come to the FBI with “evidence of unlawful surveillance by the government of Americans.”


In fact, on August 19, 2015, Montgomery turned over 47 hard drives with millions of pages of data to Baker at the FBI’s Miami Field Office, for which the FBI/DOJ provided him detailed receipts and two agreements of immunity. Yes, that is the same James Baker who was an underling of James Comey at the FBI — before going to his current slot as general counsel to Twitter. Now, as a minion of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he is helping censor the tweets of the president of the United States, as well as tweets of millions of Americans who express thoughts deemed politically incorrect by the ruling elites.


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